a GREAT escape

we had to get out.

the heat was killing us. no kidding. people die out here from it. a kid died yesterday hiking. i don't know why the hell he was doing that in 110 weather, but he ran out of water and didn't make it. tragic, right?

anyway, it's brutal for us to stay here on the weekends so when aly invited us to her family's cabin we jumped at the opportunity.

after a few hours in the car and a few tantrums from my maemae we were able to finally reach our destination and guess who was there to greet us on the front porch???

(i'm not one to toot my own horn, but this is a pretty fantastic photo :)
this tiny little guy and his 3 siblings. sweet right? well, it was sweet until we went inside and found hundreds of these.


this was just a handful of the daddy's that were hanging in the bathtub. no kidding - hundreds

...but it didn't stop us from totally enjoying ourselves.

after spending the night cooking, settling, whacking spiders, playing horseshoes, and working on puzzles - the first thing in the morning the girls occupied the coveted porch swing overlooking the beautiful pines and canyon.

later that day the non-pregnant adults enjoyed some cliff-jumping, snorkeling, and spear-fishing in fossil creek. i'm not sure i would have jumped even if i wasn't pregnant, so i was a little thankful for the excuse this time.

so i just waded in the water and worked on my tan a little while snapping away with my camera.


she is one of my favorite people. thanks for sharing your special cabin with us alish - we loved it. minus the spiders.

our fun was cut a little short due to our girls and i leaving for nevada the very next day. 12 hours alone in the car with my 2 toddlers. probably the most fun i've had in my life.


nicwoo said...

Cabin Living!
Also, I think I have a special place in my heart for seeing women enjoying being in swim suits.
Hay- you are sooo adorable!!

the wife said...

it makes me smile too. great pics.

Jason and Courtney said...

Cute! You are adorable Hayley....but I think I might be an idiot because I have no idea what that picture is of!

hays said...

lol. it's a baby bird.

tt moreno said...

oh gosh, daddy long legs. i am about to go to bed and now will def have nightmares of them. but i am glad you are back to blogging. gosh a week seemed like eternity!

Sally said...

Thank many spiders is never OK. YIKES! Cute belly BTW!

smith scratch said...

I love the photos, especially the ones showing your pregnant self... you look so fantastic! It looks like you all had a blast and water looks refreshing!

The Wifey said...

Oh my gosh I had the hardest time trying to figure out what that picture was of. Now I realized that's a bird's head and beak. I feel better now. You look adorable!

mrs.kristin said...

You and Alisha haven't changed one bit since high school--except you're older and wiser, right!?!

Love the baby bump!

sheena said...

oh my little bird.....so cute!! and your little growing bun!! I love it.

ps. those spiders seriously freak me out one at a time.....100s!!??

Jenni said...

You go girl. Way to take a picture of yourself in a swim suit pregnant. I applaud to your confidence...of course, if I looked that good, I'd be confident, too. :-)

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