I'm so disappointed.

Not only did the horse we bet $5 on lose on Saturday, but I completely forgot to replace the memory card in my camera, so I have no photos of our amazing weekend.

We went up to Flagstaff to get out of the heat. I'm so glad we did because we actually got to be outside sweat-free.

If I remembered my memory card I would have pictures of the following (please use your imagination):

  • The cheap hotel we stayed in Friday night and the fantastic Mexican food we ate at Cafe Ole.
  • The parade Saturday morning that included a Christian singing group with a life size Jesus (still debating with E if he was real or not) hung on a cross in their float - blood splattered everywhere (really not so necessary - and quite jaw dropping).
  • Us lounging in the park for a picnic lunch
  • The horse races - that I was so stoked to bring Easy and the girls to since I spent some time there as a little girl with my grandparents. I forgot how exciting it was.
  • The free dinner we had in Cottonwood
  • E and I watching fireworks from the roof once our exhausted girlys were in bed followed by a dip in the pool.
All well, there is always next year.

Hope your Fourth was equally wonderful!!


sheena said...

oh I'm sorry that I laugh every time your label reads tragedy......

horse races!! we went there with my grandparents when we were little as well....I love them.

Life size Jesus?? I really do wish I could have seen that....

sounds like a perfect weekend with your cute little family.

hays said...

sheena - you know that this really was a tragedy though, right? i mean what else could it be????

i felt so stupid when i pulled out my camera and it reads "no cf card" then i swore and was in shock for an hour.

smith scratch said...

That sucks! I really would love to see a photo of the race and of course of the float. As I was just telling my mom, we need a camera installed in our head, with the trigger on our temple, so that we could capture all of the great moments. I always seem to leave my camera, not charge the battery or forget to empty my card.

Christen said...

Bummer about the pics but leaving it up to the imagination is fun! In every imaginary pic your girls looked adorable as always, you and E were happily in love and the weather was fabulous! You guys had a fabulous weekend!

Rachelle said...

oh sad no pictures!!! but i'm sure you enjoyed every minute with the family without worrying about snapping any photos, right?!?!?!?

nicwoo said...

Ah, yes. The old memory card. Been there. done that. Glad you had fun :)

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