hey, remember how we went to the beach.

of course you do. it was only 2 posts ago.

well, i forgot to tell you that the very best part of coming home from the beach to my in-laws house is stopping for oranges.


oh yes, lots and lots of oranges and oh yes, i'm still dreaming about my mother-in-laws fresh squeezed Orange Julius 10 days afterward.

so, if you ever find yourself driving along highway 126 in southern california between Santa Clarita and the beach please stop at a fruit stand


and take in the goodness.

the funny thing is that while my vegetarian father-in-law was purchasing the oranges and while i was drooling over all the fruit my husband bought jerky.

beef jerky.

and we both devoured it in the car.

so much for fruit stands.


nicwoo said...

YUM! I love Farmer's Market style. There are many in these parts, too, and it makes me feel like the rest of my life is going well, if I find myself shopping at one!
PS I love beef jerky and I would have not been able to share it even with a loved one; who would have gotten his own bag anyway. Sorry Mr. Gardiner.

{Erica} said...

Where is this fruistand exactly? I want to go!

heading to oceanside this weekend...is it around there?

sheena said...

mmm....fruit stands. I always end up buying more than we could ever eat, just because it's there, and it looks so cute.

sheena said...

what!!! it's 91 degrees right now?? how do you do it??

Candy said...


nikki said...

Ah the 126! We lived in Camarillo for 3 1/2 yrs. and traversed that freeway many times. I miss the fruit to this day. $10 flats of strawberries...sigh.

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