this is all it takes? stickers? on a chart? my heavens, how did i go without it for so long?

behold, the power behind a silly shiny little happy face!

potty time (for the little one)
make bed

get dressed

pick up toys

anything i ask because she can't read


me hoping it will last...


KC said...

My wife has a chart for me just like that. It works wonders.

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

Mikey will do ANYTHING for a sticker. Anything.

Lindy Lewis said...

Yep, stickers worked for both Chad and Nicole...they LOVED them! So now I just gotta be ready for JJ!! Good job on all the organization...you really are the super mom of the year!

Nathan and Mindy said...

I remember my mom did that for us..I will for sure do it with my future children. I made your chocolate cake yesterday, and can I just say "heaven"!!! So good, we had some for breakfast this morning. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

The Crew said...

Ez has asked for a job chart lately, so maybe I should get on that- see if it helps us get some good stuff done!

sheena said...

I need to get me a chart!!

ps. how is it that your handwriting matches the font you use on your photos.....very very cute.

smith scratch said...

Charts seem to work quite a bit. Maybe you could put little drawings next to the chores so that she can identify what they say.
I should make a new chart, my boys are getting away with not doing too much.

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