It is safe to say...

that my birthday was fantastic!


I made myself the fattest richest homemade chocolate cake that put us all into diabetic comas for the night. Maybe I'll share the recipe on Friday.

It was accompanied by fresh flowers and take-out from Sauce,

new shoes,

and this little beast that packs a major punch (the camera, not the belly). All thanks to my amazing husband who is continually impressing me more and more in the gift-giving department. The man has learned all the right moves. Woot!


I think MaeMae was a little jealous.
Actually, this is her during the birthday singing. For some reason when we sing she always breaks out in tears. Honestly. It's both hilarious and heartbreaking.

Agh, but now that leftover cake is sweetly calling my name.

Bye - and thanks for all the birthday wishes! I have never had so many phone calls and emails from Facebook in my life!


Candy said...

that is hilarious that she cries during the birthday song! poor sweet thing!
Glad you had such a great bday and your little belly is looking so cute!
Wish I was near to help pound that leftover cake! chocolate cake is SUCH a weakness of mine!

the wife said...

dang that cake is looking good. your shoes are cute and i'm glad that you finally got to use that memory card that you got in the morning from eric.

the wife said...

btw, what is up with your freaky thumbin the camera picture. lol.

hays said...

ha. my whole arm looks pretty freaky and discolored. dinosaur-ish. thanks for pointing it out - friend!

Christen Noelle said...

I thought you said your new shoes were pink! Maybe just my own wishful thinking...
everything in pink is just adorable in my opinion!

I am glad you had a great birthday!!!

Saskia said...

Happy be-lated birthday wishes Hays!!

I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday!! The cake, shoes and camera look fantastic.

It's so funny that MaeMae cries when you sing - she looks so upset, poor thing!

Saskia x

PS So excited about my camera!! It's a canon 40d with 1.4 50mm lens :)

Leslie said...

That cake looks pretty awesome! I have yet to find a chocolate cake (from scratch) recipe that I really like so I am excited to have you post one.

Happy Birthday. The shoes are cute and so are your girls!

Rachelle said...

happy birthday!!! looks like an awesome day!

sheena said...

yay for your new little camera!!! it is the best thing to happen to a girl.....oh the things you can take pictures of now!!!
ps. you know you have the best taste in shoes....

mrs.kristin said...

Please share your chocolate cake recipe! I've been looking for a good one!

Your baby bump is absolutely cute!!!

Karen and Joe said...

Hey! Happy belated birthday Hayley!! Glad it was such an awesome day!! :)

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