home, sweet home?


Last night we returned to the inferno of Phoenix.

Apparently summer came while we were away soaking up the sun and enjoying 70 degree weather camping at the beach in So Cal. It had been unseasonably cool here before we left.

Our house was 95 degrees when we walked in and it took 2 hours to get down to 92. Literal hell. It was 111 outside as we unpacked the car. My poor babies didn't seem to care as they reconnected with their beloved toys and bed. I guess when you are a kid it's always nice to be home, even when your home isn't so nice to you.

You remember the feeling, right? Running into the house checking on everything - making sure it's just as you left it. Jumping on your bed and cuddling up to your cool sheets. Coming home is almost the best part of leaving - that is, only when you don't notice the sweat dripping from every pore of your body.

But I am back, and this week I hope to clutter The Dirt with photos of the beach and who knows...maybe that will help keep things cooled off around here.


smith scratch said...

Holy crap. At least you get to travel out of the heat quite often. Looking back on your "winter" posts may help you remember that Phoenix isn't always intolerable. Can't wait to see the camping photos. :]

John and Shelly Hyde said...

Cant wait for some updates!

Candy said...

94 degrees, are you flipping kidding me? i swear i couldn't survive arizona. I came home from being gone this weekend and my house was 80. I'll stop complaining.
can't wait to see more pics!

Marielle Carlisle said...

welcome back

eric and monica said...

I was wondering where you were! I can't wait to see ya!

Jenni said...

Thanks for the reminder about the things I don't miss.

Cool pic. Did you take that?

hays said...

No I didn't take it...well I stole it.

sheena said...

95. inside. you are my hero.

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