Last friday the girls and I took off for a Target adventure. We needed paper for the printer and somehow I spent almost $100. How does that happen?

Anyway, I promised them a treat if they stayed in the cart and were good girls. They stayed.

I bought them ICEEs and since it was almost lunch time I also got them each a hot dog. I felt a sudden craving for a hot dog myself, broke down and bought one. It came with a fountain drink.

I haven't had caffeine since January 1. I made a goal back then - no caffeine. I assessed my options (in nursing school you learn how to really assess a situation).

I could have:

a. Diet Lemonade
b. Fruit Punch
c. Sprite

Nope. Nope. Nope.

What is this? Dr. Pepper? Hmmm, I thought to myself, I like Dr. Pepper. I then justified, Hays, you have a big final today and are totally going to need some caffeine to keep ya goin. Yeah, you need this Dr. Pepper. Remember how good it was?
That was all I needed and my cup was filled.

Off we went.

We got home and devoured all the disgusting food that was just purchased. The girls grinning ear to ear sucking down the blue and red ICEE's. I drank the evil Dr. Pepper and felt a pang in my stomach (remember how good I was at resisting temptation with the ultrasound last week?). It didn't even taste that great. Plus the bun on my cool hot dog was dry and hard.

But, I flew for the rest of the day (caffeine has that effect when you haven't had it in months) and crashed just before my test.

Freaking caffeine! No mas! I can't have it!!

I'm sticking to my goal for 6 more months. End of story.

Update: I wrote this before Saturday when I had my 12 hr clinical at the hospital. I was dragging my arms on the floor at about noon when lunch came. A Pepsi called my name. I remembered the day before. How crappy I felt, but also how I flew. I drank the Pepsi and made it through the rest of the day.

Here is the new rule: No caffeine. (except when my lip is dragging on the floor at clinical)


Jenni said...

Whatchoo calling disgusting food, Willis?

You just covered two of the basic food groups in my book.

the wife said...

ha. that is awesome. can't wait to hear how your 12 hours went.

SBAM said...

I completely understand. I am obsessed with Dr Pepper. I lived without it for pregnancy #1 and caved halfway through pregnancy #2. I finally decided to try the caffeine free stuff. I can't tell a difference in taste, so that is what got me through pregnancy #3. That could also be why I gained 10 more pounds with that pregnancy...Anyway, I totally get the craving! Sometimes sprite just doesn't do it!

tt moreno said...

thats funny. I went a few months with my last one without caffeine, but totally broke down the last few weeks and had it when it was offered! My poor baby would kick like no other!

Leslie said...

There are mornings I wake up and just crave something caffeinated because i'm so tired! I've said no to any type of Soda during the week. I tried all the time but it was too hard. So now I allow it on weekends! I find that it doesn't even taste as good as it used to when I only have it once a week!

No one will fault you for caving. I'm proud of anyone who can go a month without the deliciousness of Coke or Dr. Pepper.

The Wifey said...

That's funny. I haven't had caffeine for probably 2.5 years. I didn't really swear it off but I DID swear off soda completely so that's why I just don't drink it anymore. Although I had to take an Excedrin about a year ago for a wicked migraine and while it did kick the headache it made me feel like I was on speed. Craziness.

banananutmeg said...

the BEST think about being OFF of DP is how freaking GOOD it tastes when you have it for the first time in months. Savor that sucker.

Stay off the caffeine, and grant yourself one every 6 months. It is absolutely euphoric!

I sound like such a junkie right now.

Scooby and Jon said...

I definitely craved Dr. Pepper, and hot-dog-on-a-stick during my pregnancy. I was able to resist the Dr. Pepper, but I ate those hot dogs often. and once I found out I had twins, I justified eating two. One for each baby.
But it was delicious.

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