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Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more widely in the United States than it is in Mexico?

Good thing - I don't feel as awkward planning a party for a Mexican holiday now. Easy is always good to let me in on the facts. He does research. I don't. I think he knows about everything - and if I think I know better then him - I'm usually wrong. And being wrong all the time sucks.

I love that yesterday while making my shopping list for the party Blondie created one of her own using a Pooh story book.


Makes me wonder what she was planning on getting at the store. Honey? Carrots? Pork?


I asked her why she wasn't writing her letters the right way. She said she wanted to write it like I was.

Did you notice that her other wrist is bandaged now?

Her mom forgets that 3 year old's are less capable than 26 year old's and doesn't expect her to do things like trip on the concrete while carrying her dish in from a picnic. No worries. The mom learned her lesson and Blondie refuses to clear the table of anything other then plastic. After a bloody tragedy you learn these things.

I have fried ice cream to prepare and chipotle pork to get into the crockpot. I love a good party! Especially when it involves Mexican food...


The Crew said...

sounds fun! Maybe we'll have to make a trip to the store- I'm always happy to have a reason to celebrate!

Rachel said...

i must also add that cinco de mayo celebrates when the mexicans beat the french army, even though they were out numbered 2 to 1!
Now it mostly celebrates mexican heritage.

Anonymous said...

the french? com'on thats nothing to write home about...

Lori said...

share your recipes

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