Happy Monday! Well, I hope it's happy for you. We slept in a little this morning - so it is happy for me. Yes folks, that's all it takes.

These girls. They crack me up! They are constantly entertaining each other these days with their silliness. They still let me in on their little jokes, which is nice. I hope that they always will. It kinda make me sick that they are growing up so fast. I wish I could keep them this way forever. Yes, I'll even take the messy faces and the occasional fit.

The chickens are also growing at astronomical rates and they are getting a little messy (and freaky looking). We have decided to get rid of two of them. I don't want them to be butchered though - at least not right away. I guess it's the mother in me. When I open the back door they all run over to me and follow me around unless I distract them with grain. Blondie reminds me every time, "Mommy, they think you are their mommy!" with a giggle.

I also have romaine lettuce coming out my ears, inappropriate looking baby zucchini, and hundreds of beautiful green tomatoes cluttering my bushes. I have such pride in my first garden and have loved sharing my lettuce with friends and neighbors (we could never eat it all). Who knew organic could be so cheap?

So, Happy Monday! I'm off to mother my young - all of them.


smith scratch said...

The girls are so beautiful. It is so amazing to see them change so quickly.
Your garden sounds amazing, how fun that must be!

The Wifey said...

What? No belly shot to add to your "growing" collection? C'mon that's the most important one!

sheena jibson said...

they are just so cute.

the girls.

and the tomatoes....sorry chicken.

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