Secret Society


When Sissy naps. We play.

Please don't tell her. She'll be so disappointed!



Christen Noelle said...

Hayley you are amazing! I envy your quiet time! Once I get 4-6 children down for nap it's hard for me to even crack open a book...or watch a movie.

Such sweet moments with Ava...and great memories!

banananutmeg said...

you are so fun. When we have quiet time around here it is a movie, books or puzzle...and I go take a nap!
her hair is so long! I'm so jealous.

hays said...

Oh, we watch plenty of movies. Cinderella is on right now. She is sitting in her chair all decked out head-to-toe in her princess gear.

A nap sounds nice.

The Crew said...

I do love that one on one time with them.

smith scratch said...

She is such a talented artist. I love when kids draw people. We do the same thing, but D loves to work on "kindergarden homework", which means writing his letters.
A nap does sound nice!

Jacob and Tiffany said...

Love your blog! Christen sent your address to me. Your girls are just so adorable. So glad we met you guys.

Sassy Christian Momma said...

ohh, we take advantage of aria's nap time too. Poor aria, she's missing out. One day it will be her turn.
You are such a great blog writer. Such feeling Love the post on how/where you first felt your babies movement. Bring many memories. Love ya!

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