a pick-me-up


This afternoon both the girls napped.

Blondie was up a 4am, so by 11 she was a little of a complete zombie
(as evidenced by the photo).

You would think that with both girls napping that I would do something totally awesome with my time. That I would do yoga, or complete a project that's been brewing in my head, or I'd curl up and read something inspiring, preferably
without nursing vocabulary.

I have no idea what I did though.

I didn't study, I didn't clean, I didn't nap and I didn't finish the laundry that Easy started this morning (thanks Honey!)

But, I did spray the chicken poop off the patio and chatted on the phone with my mom, Matt, and Alisha, but other than that...nothing.


16 weeks. Isn't my energy supposed to be back now?

Anyone know how to find it?
Why did I swear off caffeine for New Year's again?

Maybe a little Zeppelin will help.

Now that I think about it. I did wipe out the fridge after a little pickle jar catastrophe.
Yeah, that was big. Maybe it is back?


Mandy aka Small Threads said...
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smith scratch said...

Sometimes it's nice to do nothing. I can't believe that you are already 16 weeks! We miss you guys, if the heat really gets you down, you are welcome up our way. :]


The Miller Family said...

I don't comment often...actually only once I think, about how great your pictures are! But I just had to chime in here.

We're due with our 3rd October 11th, so just a couple days before you. I've been wondering the same thing lately...seems like with my other pregnancies, by this time life was great. But now, if I'm not napping at every chance I get, I'm cursing myself for it by dinner time. Ugh. At least you got a clean fridge out of the deal!

P.S. I don't know HOW you do all this AND school. Kudos to you!

SBAM said...

I'm telling you, it's the 3rd baby. My energy NEVER came back this time around. I'm so hoping yours does, though! And talking to family is accomplishing something. At least I tell myself that after I spend an hour on the phone with Shaye on a mostly daily basis...

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