this makes me dizzy

Last Friday morning Easy took the girls with him to California and left me here

I had clinical Saturday and would fly out to meet them that night

I was depressed about it all week

Friday morning I got a FB message to just enjoy it

So I did

At first it was so strange - going to the bathroom and sitting at the computer uninterrupted

I cleaned the house and it stayed clean

I got a pedicure

Took myself out to lunch

Rented a chick-flick and bought my own personal Ben and Jerry's

I went to Target by myself and just moseyed around then over to Good Will in search of any type of rare-find

It was nice - really nice

Then it got dark - and I ate dinner alone -watched a little TV alone - put on my movie alone

And I was sad

I missed the giggles and the bedtime kisses - I realized that the only people I really talked to were my mom and Easy (both on the phone)

I located the wooden bat

I couldn't sleep

It was awful thanks to my very vivid imagination

So many noises in the silence

Left some lights on

Finally slept

Never again


banananutmeg said...

enjoy it. Get some stuff crossed off the to do list. then do NOTHING. Just because you can!

nicwoo said...

Apart is a funny thing! -While I did my one night stint at the hospital, Jake said it was "weird" and later divulged he was hearing creaks and cracks and imagined too. :) Enjoy your trip and joyous Reunion!
PS thanks for the well wishes- I'm off to nap.

Candy said...

are they back now then?
it sounds like I would have done the exact same things as you! It is nice to have moments to ourselves, but I would sure miss my family too!

hays said...

Yes we are all back. Made the hot drive across the desert yesterday.

Now the house is trashed.

Saskia said...

I like the occasional hour to myself here and there, but time to yourself is overrated! I'm like you.. after a couple of hours it's just too quiet!

The Crew said...

Nights alone are hard for me- I freak myself out and stay awake way too long. We've talked about Matt getting a night job- if he does I will never sleep again I'm afraid!

The Hyde Family said...

I know how you feel...Scott's been in China for two whole weeks now. I let all the kids sleep with me because I am too much of a wimp to sleep alone. Which means I don't really sleep with three hot little kids kicking all night! At least your house stayed clean.

tt moreno said...

sounds so nice to be alone for a while, but I am sure I would feel the same way after a few hours.

Sassy Christian Momma said...

WOW! I actually enjoy sleeping in the next day but i hate it after about 8 more hours. I just want my kids back! Love the peace but crave the chaos of all things kid!
Love to you and the baby girl in your belly( my guess)

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