Red 40


I bought Kool-Aid the other day for the first time in years.

I forgot that you can buy like 50 packs for a dollar. Okay, 6.

I forgot how much dye is in it. So much that kids used to dye their hair with it. Remember? Yep, good ol red 40 is the third listed ingredient. (shouldn't that stuff be illegal?)


I forgot how you add 1 whole heaping cup of sugar to it.


I almost forgot the best part - It is so freaking good!

Tomorrow - we'll have grape.


Jenni said...

Weird...Matt and I were just talking about suicide kool-aid yesterday. It's a sign that I need to add it to my shopping list.

The Brown Family said...

you should try the "invisible" Kool-aid, if they still have it. It's very intriguing to kids :)

Candy said...

gotta love those sugar drinks!

sheena said...

i know I know....it's so bad. and so good.

Tropical Punch!! Or the kind "Mystery" flavor that you don't know what color it will be until the water hits it. I wonder how many chemicals are in that?

And I totally remember saving up those stupid points on the back.....we had hundreds and then traded them in for a frisbee or something.....

Lewieville said...

I hate that it is so good!!! And addicting we can drink a whole jug in a matter of minutes, thats why I leave it to Erin to buy I haven't bought it in years either :)

smith scratch said...

Looks tasty. :]

Jen said...

This is making me thirsty!

banananutmeg said...

what flavor is Blue Kool Aid supposed to be? Not blueberry.

IS there even such thing as blue raspberry? I remember a time in grade school where suddenly every candy I could think of came in Blue Raspberry.

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