Just a few little things today.

I'm feeling rather sluggish. I need to get busy.

Today has been amazingly unproductive other than making it to story time at the library. Which, actually, is a great accomplishment. The girls and I are usually racing in to get a ticket before they run out - a half hour before it starts. Yeah, it gets my adrenaline pumping as Blondie yells, "Mommy, we have to beat those kids!" when she sees them pull into the parking lot.

Last Friday, I felt great. So great we painted the coop - a little nakie.


But today, today I am feeling the effects of all the Easter candy hanging around the house. These are the remains of the coveted Mini's that I'm so reluctant to share.


I couldn't keep my eyes open this afternoon while studying anti-infective agents for my Pharmacology Exam this Thursday. I just wanted sleep. So, that's just what the girls and I did. We slept.

And now, MaeMae is begging me for something in her own undecipherable language - pulling at my finger, getting quite desperate.

Oh, I almost forgot. Great news - I have tiny green tomatoes that were just spotted this morning - Such a beautiful sight!


The Crew said...

Hey, we're feeling similar then! I think I got two things done on my list today- oh and I love those little mini eggs.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

banananutmeg said...

blondie has a better tan than I ever will. Sad.

have you tried the dark chocolate eggs? Blows the milk chocolate outta the water.

smith scratch said...

I love lazy afternoons. If I were pregnant with my 3rd, every afternoon would be lazy.
Miss you guys.

Sally said...

Cadbury mini eggs! I'm so on my way to raid your candy bowl. YUMMY!

I love the coop painting. It looks fun!

nicwoo said...

I'll start with: Ug. I do get the pregnant "can't-get-out-of-first-gear" kind of day. I've tried not to be too hard on myself- though my brains have had their boughts of complete fuzziness... It is all part of it! Humbling. But natural. Don't be too hard on yourself :) I'll end with: =HUG=

sheena said...

yay for the tomatoes!!

and thank you so much for posting that photo of the coop....for some reason I was imaging it 6 feet tall.....so you can see why I thought that tree was so big!

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