No Itch


This weekend we celebrate 6 years.

I think of how we got here. The chaos in dating. The makeups and breakups. An unforgettable car ride when I learned he was planning to marry me. The day I accepted. I too would not be without him. A ring on my finger and a quick engagement.

The wedding was simple. We didn't care. A borrowed tux. Flowers straight from the LA market. Family photographers. Homemade food. Friendly advice. Everlasting covenants made.

He told me we were going on our honeymoon to a dude ranch in New Mexico. I didn't care, but wondered why I needed more than one bathing suit. Little did I know tickets were purchased for Hawaii. Neither of us had been.

And now we have these two girls that melt my heart daily. I'm so infatuated with them.

Another makes Three.

I still would not be without him.

Not a day.


Andelin said...

Happy Anniversary!

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

Happy Anniversy. 6 years is a lot to be proud of. Congratulations.

Karen and Joe said...

Happy anniversary guys! Glad there's no itch!! Stay stong and together! :)

Jason and Courtney said...

Still can't believe it has been that long! I remember the chaos in your dating too! :) I knew you were meant for each other! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

Nathan and Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! That time went by sooo fast. You guys are a cute couple that have cute kids!

Rachelle said...

this weekend too?!?!


sweet post.

sheena jibson said...

happy day.

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