Items of Endearment


MaeMae loves her stuff.

Every morning it all gets unloaded from the crib into my arms. All items must come out. Blanket. Bunny. Baby. Pillow. Cup. And maybe a kitty or another baby. She hands them to me piece by piece until at last she is the only item left. She then grabs onto the railing and jumps up and down expecting me to pick her up while juggling all the stuff and then moseys down the hall blinded by the tower in her arms.

At nap time all items go back in. Blanket. Bunny. Baby. Pillow. Cup.

And back out 2 hours later.

And back in at bed time. She knows after dinner that it's time when all we say is, "Okay, lets get your stuff."

She rushes around gathering it all up again.

It reminds me of what Suzanne wrote about my E when he was Mae's age:

Whenever he gets out of bed he throws his sheet, pillow, bottle, all his blankets, and any clothes he can take off out onto the floor, then shakes and rattles the crib headboard and screams. Whenever I get him up he has to gather up all his blankets with him too, and gets so frustrated when he can's carry them all, or trips on them and staggers under them all (he has three he likes) He drags his blankets everywhere in the house and outside too. Even wants them up in the high chair with him when he eats. They are always all over the floor, and when I pick them up and throw them back in his crib he is quite distraught. He runs in and pulls them out through the bars, and screams if they are too bulky to go through.

More proof that she is just like her daddy.


Rachelle said...

this reminds me of daphne. she hands me her blanket, monkey, lamb, and her socks, they always fall off while sleeping.

how funny!!!

mae's adorable.

{Erica} said...

I think it's so cool that you can read through his mom's old journals and see how your adorable littles are like him!

Both my girls did exactly what you wrote about in this post. We call it their posee. Ella's starting to grow out of it s l o w l y.
Mailee ...not so much!

It's always fun to see how much our girls are alike. I believe they would be the best of friends...

Chy said...

OK sooo funny Cade my 1year old does the EXACT same thing he has to have his cup, binkie :0/, 2 or 3 cars or trucks, and two blankets. Gotta love it!

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