The Gardiner's had quite the weekend.


It started with last Thursday night when MaeMae bit the end off her binky while I was at class. Easy told her that since she broke it, it was gone (good thing I wasn't home I would have found my sweet baby a new one). Now, whenever she goes to bed she simply says "it broke" and dozes off with her bunny and cup. I don't think any tears have actually been shed over it. WaHoo!

Friday night Blondie burned her arm while helping me cook dinner. She (actually both the girls) have to be right there through all the preparations. She was flipping raw tortillas with the tongs on a plate and I had the bright idea to ask her to flip the one in the pan. She dropped the tongs and grabbed the tortilla with her bare hands resting her tender little wrist on the edge of the pan. I screamed - she screamed - I practiced a little wound care on her and she spent the rest of the evening cuddled in my lap whimpering until she dozed off.

I started my clinicals on Saturday morning at 6am. Our first two weeks are at a Long Term Care facility. To say the least it was an eye-opening experience. When you work at a place like this you realize how unfortunate it is that the people there don't have family to take care of them. A lot of them aren't getting all the care that they need. They are lonely. They are depressed. It is heartbreaking. We have to pass off certain skills each week. Saturday it was bathing, feeding, personal hygiene, and making beds. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Of course, Sunday we watched conference all day. I particularly enjoyed Pres Uchtdorf's talk of the morning session. As seen here. We had a nice family walk, dinner with friends, and crashed for a great night's sleep (other than being up to use the bathroom a few times - me).


sheena said...

oh poor cute girl!! her little arm....good thing you got to "practice" though:)

the chapstick....you put it in your nose...don't you??

LOVE President Uchtdorf!

sheena said...

oh....and really, GREAT job on helping people with baths and personal hygiene.....that right there is why I just don't think I could cut it in the nursing world.

hays said...

oh yeah!

on the lips and in the nose. thank you Burt's Bees!

{erica} said...

Poor little one...good thing she has a nurse for a mommy!

I dab a little bit of Burts under each nostril (not my favorite word) when I am in a smelly situation. :)

YAY for no more binky. Wish it was that simple at our house!The binky fairy visits our house and gives the girls a big girl toy. When/if they ask for their binky we remind them of their toy and mention they will have to give it back and then the binky isn't so appealing anymore (the big girl toy is something they've wanted really really bad).

Rhonda said...

When I read this the first time I thought you had said she bit the end of her PINKY...not her binky...LOL

Glad to here the binky went bye bye with no issues. We just got rid of "papi" in Janaury...Tinkerbell and her fairies came to get it. We had a few rough feelings towards Tinkerbell for a while but now we are good.

Bless you for being a nurse. In my book you have to be a special kinda of person. I could never handle it.

Amber said...

i think they give you the hardest clinicals first...long term care is rough. it made me laugh to think of your tiny one flipping a tortilla on a hot stove...i burned brittney's little girl the same way, asking her to fry wontons. i guess they learn fast. what a full weekend you had, and i'm sure you weren't feeling well yourself either. remember i love you. breathe deep. hold lots.

d said...

I hope blondie is okay. Amazingly Roman just bit off the end of his pacifier today too, but I am not ready for it to leave yet.

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