whine. whine. I'm a boob.

A few months ago I stubbed my baby toe. Like, I really stubbed it. Maybe broke it? It was immediately swollen and after a day it was black and blue. It hurt. For days. For weeks. Even months.

About a week ago I was shocked that this little baby actually felt better. I could manipulate it with no pain.



Then yesterday.

I run into my room. Barefoot to get my flip-flops.


Son-of-a! Agh!

Wahhh! Woe is me! Tears running down my cheeks. Incoherently swearing into my comforter.

Two little girls staring. Confused.

Now, we are back to the swelling (it's huge), and the bruising, and the pain.


Lewieville said...

I am one who doesn't like feet... but I looked anyway and I do think it could be broken but they wouldn't do anything for it anyway. Suffer through the pain, I seem to always stubb the same toe consistently, it is so irritating so I feel for you! Hang in there.

banananutmeg said...

I can't believe how tan your feet are. Jealous!

Rachelle said...

no - you are not a boob! stubbing your toe hurts darn it. i swear everytime it happens to me! you should have it looked at girl!

Candy said...

first off, I'm jealous of your tan line...I'm butt white all over.
your feet are very pretty, and smell so minty too!
I don't know if it's broken...sure looks painful though. I would have thrown in a "son of a!" too....not any final words to fill in the blank...just a "son of a!"

sorry! hope it doesn't hurt for months this time.

Jenni said...

You have my sympathy. I haven't had a major stubbing accident since it started snowing. (Socks, y'know.) But spring is coming...I'm doomed.

sheena said...

1. I laugh every time your label is tragedy.
2. your toes look very pretty.
3. I'm a little angry you already have tan lines.
4. That doesn't look right.

Sally said...

Oh no! Not the toe again!

4 cute chicks said...

You crack me up!
But yes, I do feel sorry for you and I must say, your toenail painting ability is superb!

eRiCa said...

OUCH! I have done that many a time and my girls are so concerned while I'm rocking on the floor repeatedly saying "OUCH<, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!" with tears running down my cheeks. I hope your toe isn't broken and that it doesn't hurt for long.

Cute toe nails...jealous of the tan line.

Saskia said...

Stubbing toes is the most painful thing! Why is that? I hope it feels better soon.

Have a lovely weekend x

Amber said...

yup. it's broken. but really...are you going to stay off of it? how's yoga going with that little sad toe? maybe you should wrap it.

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