St Patty's



eRiCa said...

Ah yes, the breakfast of Irish champions :)

We had that for breakfast too. It was so funny to watch Ella gag profusely trying to swallow her green milk. I guess green milk tastes "SOOO NASTY MOM!".

Happy St. Patty's day to you. No one believes me but I'm the same amount Irish that I am Chinese, Tahitian and French. Wonder why?

nicwoo said...

Happy St. Patty's, Gardiner's Dirt!!

sheena said...

yeah erica....Jonah wouldn't TOUCH the green milk. or the green eggs. And for a snack later my kids will be having lucky charms....for the first time in their lives...is that bad??

tt moreno said...

i love st pattys day. gotta love green fluff and peanut butter sandwiches!

Candy said...

yum. I'm thinking of making green pancakes for supper tonight. That along with a green smoothie (loaded with spinach), and of course some eggs and sausage too.

you are such a fun mom.

hays said...

we only buy the lucky charms when they are $1 a box. then we eat them nonstop for a few days until they are gone.

my girls loved their green milk. blondie said, "it's like chocolate milk and green."



banananutmeg said...

I love the taste of lucky charms..but can't stand the texture of it in my teeth...freaks me out.

I'm dyin' to see your chicken coop. post a pic when it's done!

The Crew said...

We had lucky charms for the first time ever- I thought they'd enjoy that. Both Ezra and Eliza loved picking out the marshmallows, but hated it with milk! I guess Matt and I will be having the cereal for the next few days.

We did have leprechaun visitors who left treats- so we tried all day to find them all throughout the house.

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