New Additions


Easy and I have talked about having free-range chickens in the back yard.

Today the girls and I went out and bought 4.
I do things like that. We have an idea and the next thing we both know...it's done.

We love them already.



sheena said...

1. Hayley. Sometimes you seriously freak me out. It's like somehow our brains are connected. I was JUST talking to my mom about how I want chickens!! I love the idea of sending the kids out to collect the eggs every day. I've been trying to check the laws in our town about having them in the city. I think we're going to have to wait a bit though....we may be getting a dog (yikes!) and I don't think our yard is big enough for everyone!
2. Will Ava hold them?
3. those are the cutest things I have ever seen.

Felipe and Christina said...

Hayley, what cute little chicks! I love their classy names too. I bet your girls love them to bits. I hope they dont stink too much :)

hays said...

I have spent a little time researching and basically if your neighbors don't complain then you are in the clear.

They are so so sweet. The girls will hold them, but they do get a little nervous.

We'll have a coop built before they get too stinky.

tt moreno said...

hey, im listening to lykke li too... a good find

cant wait for your coop posts

mrs.kristin said...

Oh cool!! What are their names!?! hehe

Jason and Tiffany said...

Oh, I love them too!! I grew up with little chickies running through our yard. Those are some of the best memories.... your girls will have so much fun.

banananutmeg said...

our friends just got some egg laying hens and they are LOVING all the eggs. the only thing holding us back is that we don't have a fenced yard...so we don't know what to do about that. They're so cute!

Young Family said...

Totally cute. I hate chickens. They stink. But they sure are cute when they are babies. Are you going to eat these guys when they get big?

Sally said...

You crack me up! I hear chickens eat scorpions...maybe?

John and Shelly Hyde said...

Kara, my sister, has had many chickens and sure enough one by one they have "flown away"... leaving behind wings and parts. It has been really interesting the conversations that follow their sudden and gruesome "flight". Hopefully there are not too many hungry predators in your neighborhood like in Kara's.

Jenni said...

Naming them? I'm pretty sure you won't be eating them, eh? :-)

eRiCa said...

so cute! My mom started off with 4...ended up with 11. They were awesome until the rats came. No more chickens after that.

love their names and the pictures rock.

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