March 26, 1980

A boy was born 29 years ago today. He was delivered on James Brown's birthday, who happened to be his grandfather and the doctor (not the man pictured).

Well, The boy grew

Squirt Gun Wars from K on Vimeo.

His mother writes:

Monday February 29, 1988. Today Eric brought home a pink slip for throwing rocks at some of his friends during lunchtime on Friday. Despite the fact that he was hit on the head by one of them, that evening he and Chad and Craig McGuire were throwing ice at passing cars, and one young lady driver stopped to complain. They were spanked for not admitting to it right away. They must also wash the cars and practice throwing a baseball back and forth during the coming weeks.

I'm afraid he's all boy, and impossible to repress. Saturday night at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner (he came as a preview because he joins Cub Scouts next month) he brought a flashlight so that he could explore under the stage where they store the carts loaded with tables and chairs. On the far left side, the passageway turns to the left way under the stage towards a classroom and the stairs. There is a trap door, which when you lift up you can see some water like from the sewer. Eric and about nine other boys had fun exploring this for five or ten minutes before I called them out.
(explains why I'm a little afraid of having boys)

So, eventually this girl fell pretty hard for him.

(cue: awwwwe!)

And they made a family

Happy Birthday Eric!

Te amo (mucho).


Briana said...

Haha! I'm afraid of having GIRLS! Happy Birthday E!

The Crew said...

Happy Birthday E!

Boys are fun- full of interesting ideas- our E found more than one way to fill his squirt gun!

Lindy Lewis said...

First of all, happy bday to E! We are on our way to 30!!!!

And then I wanted to tell you congrats on your pregnancy as well. 3 is not too bad actually.....Please call me if you have any questions or just want to talk...I am feeling distant lately from everyone!!! (besides the computer updates and blogs)

Love ya and I hope this goes by super quick for ya!!

d said...

happy Birthday eric. Wow, your mom was so right on. Good luck if you have a boy Hayley!
p.s. Congrats!

MA said...

yo hayley! congrats on #3. you're a pro by now :) happy b-day eric! chow

Nathan and Mindy said...

Hi Hayley! Found your blog! I totally remember that picture of you two, you guys took that when we were roommates I think in 2003. Crazy! Keep in touch!

banananutmeg said...

Happy Birthday, Eric.

The journal entry is awesome. So are the pictures.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Eric. I met James Brown in 2002 when he sealed my husband and I in the L.A temple. Such a cool guy! He gave us an amazing ceremony. That's crazy that he was the doctor that delivered and on his birthday too!

Congrats on baby #3.

nicwoo said...

Happy Birthday E :)
I might have a journal entry, too, from the brief stint we were all at school together- ...something about bednar's headshot in the window, the most amazing person that cleaned your bathroom for $12, and I think the only thing i had going for me taking those pics was that i had beautiful young subjects in love.
keep it up, gardiners!

Karen and Joe said...

Happy Birthday Eric! loved the journal entry, priceless!

sheena said...

I LOVE this post.

Happy day Eric (i'm late)

Lori said...

I bet Rachel wishes she still had that shirt, too. Happy Birthday (a little late)

Garrison Propaganda said...

so was your hair just as covered when you were born? or do your girls get all the early luscious locks from his side?

Garrison Propaganda said...

so was your hair just as covered when you were born? or do your girls get all the early luscious locks from his side?

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