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always a step ahead of me

I was taught to respect my elders. Open doors for them. Listen to them. Be patient with them.

I have memories of my mom taking me with her with her to visit sick and elderly women in the ward. Being the only daughter I was always her little sidekick. She always has been and still is involved in helping others. Today, I admire her love and strength. She is a beacon of service.

When I was six, I admit that trips to the nursing home with her absolutly freaked me out. The smells. The stares. Old women wanting to hold my hand, kiss my cheeks, and touch my hair.

All things I was (and still am) not comfortable with strangers doing.

Today the girls and I made a quick trip to Costco. MaeMae has been running on her last diaper for the past 2 days. Somehow we kept finding just one more in a bag, the trunk, or under the bed.

Costco shopping carts are the best because they have 2 seats in them - perfect for my girls - right? Wrong. I get Blondie in and she loves sitting up by mom. She is all smiles. Little sister is another story. She is screaming. Fighting. Arching her back and hitting her head. To avoid any unwanted attention I calmly try to contain my child and offer her raisins? a cracker? water? anything?

An assumingly sweet older woman rushes over to my aid. Great. Attention. She hands the girls a wine brochure (nice) and I think that she is going to say something sweet to my screaming child. You know, something soothing in her sweet aged voice that would calm my Mae, but instead she only begins to mock her. Yes. Mock. The lady begins to fake cry. Seriously? Are you five?

Me: I don't think that's helping.
Her: I used to do this to my day-care kids all the time. (more mock crying)
Me: Huh. Really? Did it actually help?
Her: Sure it did. It's like singing to them.

Singing? What?

I threw Miss Mae on my hip with her tear stained cheeks and blood-shot eyes and was off into the store contemplating what just occurred. Really? Did that just happen?

Adding to my uncomfortable list:

Old ladies mocking my children in public.


banananutmeg said...

messed up. I prefer the kind of old ladies that come up and ooh and aah and tell you how lovely your little darlings are. Unfortunately, that's rarely the breed of old lady that we run into. Especially at costco or sams.

The Crew said...

I agree, I only like my kids to be mocked by old women in private. hmmm

The Crew said...

that comment was made by your brother. hmmm

Jason and Tiffany said...

Hey, well.. I guess my in-laws are in your ward...lucky...;) small world. I would have seen you on Sunday but we just couldn't get there in time... we miss you up here.

Jenni said...

Bravo to you for not making fun of HER. I applaud your maturity. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been as controlled.

Candy said...

wow. that is insane. crazy old woman. can you imagine just mocking people whenever they are having a rough time?
" oh, oh, Eric...your day was so hard at work..oh, poor me...wah, wah." Yeah, I'm thinking that tactic would not go over well. :)

{erica} said...

That's hillarious (only because it wasn't my kids screaming - this time - in the front of Costco).

Old people are so ....er...special some times. Mock crying...why didn't I think of that.

You're good I would've just looked at the lady (while handing her back her wine brochure) and said "We've got it under control thanks" and then kept on walking.

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

That's awesome. I thought I was the only one with bad kids at costco. I find those half eaten strawberries all over the house. I agree with Jenni, I would have mocked her too.

d said...

hilarious, what would she do after the mocking didn't work? What would she do when kids were potty training and they peed their pants?

Sally said...

You were at Costco! I have come to expect these types of things there. They seem to have "helpful" crazy people there in bulk. However, my similar experiences have been more like people telling me what kind of formula to give my kids or expressing to me that dino nuggets are not very healthy for them.

mjs ashworth said...

The old ladies are pulling out all the stops this spring. I swear they are handing out helpful tips to anyone that will listen... even if it is a crying 1 year old. Gotta love the oldies.

nicwoo said...

This JUST happened to me at walmart.
" [mock]... I used to do that to my kids and they'd just laugh and laugh" I bet, lady. Bleep. Let me pass.
By the way, Costco has it's own culture. That of the workers (Sally's words are dead-on!) and then the patrons trying not to somehow be spectacles to the workers...?
Besides this being the longest comment ever-sorry- we hear ya up here.
Except we usually have to break in to the Grapes. And we don't make it out of the store before they are Needed.

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