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You would not believe the speed at which these little chickies are growing.

So, I'm going to build them a coop this week. It is spring break, after all, and I need a project.


The girls and I ventured off to Home Depot this morning, a place I'm fond of as I spent 2 years working there while Easy was at BYU. The smell is so nostalgic. Blondie herself is a little Home Depot baby - she spent her life-in-utero on the forklift.

So after all my shopping and figuring, I think I'm ready to start.

I'll try make my dad proud and hopefully not hurt myself in the process.


Candy said...

you are so awesome! good luck and can't wait to see the little chickies new home.

banananutmeg said...

Can't wait to see their little condo! A friend of mine just built one of these...check it out.


The Crew said...

very impressive! Looks like quite the luxurious home for the chicks!

Megan said...

Good luck! You go girl!

nicwoo said...

We live at home depot. I'm excited for ya! It will be so fun. There's nothing like a real hands-on project to make a break at home a real break away :)

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