the Fever

It's true that we may have caught some-sort-of-little-bug around here.


I'm guessing it's the spring fever, since all we wish to do is lounge around in the back yard.


Which we can't complain about.

So, I'm forgetting about the dishes, the laundry, and studying for my 2 exams this week (okay I can't forget about the last one).

Because this is the perfect kind of sick.


mjs ashworth said...

looks like you have an awesome backyard!!
We really miss you at park day! Do you think you can move back??

Megan said...

I wish I was sick with THAT fever! Can't wait!

Jenni said...

Congrats on the grass. Quite an accomplishment in AZ.

And I'm glad the "hand down the pants" afflicts both genders. Too funny!

banananutmeg said...

The hand in the crack is awesome.

Your yard is GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to get our garden started. I bought seeds and junk this week. (we usually buy starter plants) Hopefully I will manage to keep everything alive long enough for it to be warm enough to move to the garden bed outside.

Did you grow anything in pots? What works best for you? I tried tomatoes and zucchini in pots one year and they failed miserably. I'm hoping peppers might survive in them, or maybe we'll just build another raised bed (the soil here isn't soil...it is rock, covered with more rock, covered in a layer of clay.)

I am LOVING your yard and really wishing we had a fence!

eRiCa said...

Must you rub it in?!! It's super windy and cold here today and been raining off and on since Friday. UGH!

Your back yard looks wonderful! Wish we were neighbors...

The Crew said...

Oh I am longing for a nice backyard- we do have a pretty great dirt mountain right now though.

Your garden looks so great- I am truly jealous!

The Hyde Family said...

I am so jealous! I'm dying for some warm spring weather!

sheena said...

love love love LOVE the backyard(s). it's huge!! and the doll is even naked....is it really that warm!???

smith scratch said...

Ava is so dang cute. I love her little lips. Looks like your garden is starting to grow, how fun that must be.

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