At the beginning of my spring break week I made a little list of the things I wanted to get done:

- coop
- pillows
- mow lawn

This is a typical list for me. Not aiming too high.

And at the end of the week, all three are done. Tomorrow I don't have lab, so we are hoping for a little Arizona day trip. We'll see how far we get.


On a seperate note, the girls and I have been talking about food and germs this week as they have caught a little bug. Blondie keeps asking, "Mommy will this food get the bugs out?" "How did the bugs get in my chest?" and telling me, "I don't want the bugs ANYmore!" MaeMae is feeling pretty good. She's just stoked that I strung her cheese for her. Yep. I go to lengths for that girl.


Amber said...

good list! i'm still working on pruning these roses. they are mean and i forget how pretty they become...it's a war out there. i want some of mae's fruit snacks...that purple one!

Melanie said...

I must tell you how fabulous that crepe recipe is! Thanks for sharing. Everyone over here loved it. I'm a friend of your husbands from HS. I read your blog sometimes. Keep the recipes coming!

smith scratch said...

Looks like the kind of snack that get's the icky bugs out. She is so dang cute.
I like your list, I seem to aim way too high. You get stuff done, I just stress about getting stuff done.

Great pillows, by the way!


Garrison Propaganda said...

not aiming too high? youre crazy. my lists are more like:
feed children 3 times a day (baby 3x more than other 2)
keep house in order

building and sewing? yeah. two words i dont do. way to be productive. hope your day trip worked out and good luck getting rid of all those nasty bugs. i hate them. i just expect spring to whisk them all away. all in due time i guess.

Sally said...

The pillows look great! We are excited for Wednesday. Today our company left and Olivia said, "ok mom...I need to go get more friends. Let's go to {Blodie's} house!"

Saskia said...

The cushions look great! So cheery and bright :)

Saskia x

Scooby and Jon said...

I love the pillows! They're fabulous.

mjs ashworth said...

Love LOVE love the pillows! Sounds like you had a pretty productive spring break, good for you making a list!!

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