a post-val-post

We kinda skipped ol Valentines this year.

There was a lot going on.
Me with school and being a mom, and a wife, and moving into a new house (post-flood), and Easy has another Man Cold and is trying to pick up the slack.

We managed to sneak away Saturday night after dinner to grab a few little things at The Walmart.


I got some tulips. A CF Card Reader. Breyers.

E got these crazy new millkshakes which are actually pretty good.

It was so nice to just slip out, cruise around, and hold hands. We didn't have to worry about dinner reservations, ordering chocolate dipped fruit, waiting in line at the theater box office, or spending $100 on roses.

It was pretty nice to just be together.


nicwoo said...

Cool. Love it. And our evening was pretty much the same way. Congrats on quietly resolving to celebrate- despite the unmentionable craziness!

banananutmeg said...

Love the tulips. Even looking at a photo of them brightens my day. beautiful!

sheena said...

yes, love holding hands. and tulips.

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