Motion Sickness


We move on Friday.

I keep thinking that I'm going to be ready, but I doubt that.

We have too much stuff and I have a test in 2 days.

I'm grateful that my mom and dad will be here tomorrow. I need them to stabilize me during the day...to keep my brain from exploding. When E can't be here, then Mom is the next best option. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

I don't mean to rub it in, but it was 77 degrees today. So what if we didn't win the Super Bowl. It was 77 freaking degrees in Phoenix! You can't beat that.

I tired and rambling. This is our 8th move in 6 years and I really just don't want to touch another cardboard box, find the end of my tape, smell my Sharpie, or dive into a dumpster - which is what I'll be doing tomorrow morning.

I'm to preoccupied to ask for boxes at customer service desks and have been left hanging from Craigslist ads. Last week, as I went searching for boxes I jumped into a business' recycling dumpster and there was a guy just standing in the corner smoking. I didn't notice him at first, but when I did it was incredibly awkward and startling, "Oh! Hey. I'm just was uh...uh..hmm.. looking for boxes. Yeah...I'm moving. I uh, didn't mean to disturb you." The dude didn't say a word. He just stood there and watched me dig the boxes out, one by one. Jerk. He had an extra hand and could have at least held the lid open. Guess chivalry is dead in dumpster diving.

I won't be going there again.
So, if you have extra boxes and can get them to me by Friday we'll be BFF's. Promise.


nicwoo said...

Several Quick Points:
Oh, my goodness. You are a trooper! Nothing you can't handle though. We just have left a lot of stuff in big plastic totes and just buy a few more for each time...

I'm glad your cute mom will be there to help.

*And props for braggin' about "home turf" weather!!*

Good Luck on your test :)
--How you describe your before and after student-style is inspiring.

Saskia said...

I'm thinking of you & hope that this week goes well. What a stressful time.

saskia x

banananutmeg said...

I think we capped out at 13 years and have been in the same place since...hang in there, stability is coming! Plus aren't you moving closer to school? that will be nice, right?

I wish you well adjusted kids and an easy transition into new rooms and new beds. Good luck!

sheena said...

ugh....I am so so sorry. I do not envy your situation....although yes I envy your weather.

Walmart--diaper boxes are perfect--ask for boxes at layaway

Liquor stores--moving in Utah was so much harder!

any store that sells fresh flowers--those boxes are AWESOME. Trader Joes has liquor AND flower boxes

good luck!

eRiCa said...

call up your local gap. I worked there and helped with shipment. We'd save boxes all the time for people moving (employees and non). They are the best boxes! Shipment comes twice a week so have them hold them for you...maybe you'll be able to do get a hold of them in time.

Also, liquor stores rock for boxes. Plus you can always look like a "mormon on the edge" if you are seen entering the liquor store..hehe.

Trash bags for clothes...write what's in them on the outside.

I wish I lived closer...I want t help you. Seriously moving sucks rocks!!

anything I can do from where I'm at?

The Brown Family said...

I feel your pain! Luckily we collected boxes from a friend who moved awhile ago. Wish we were moving to the same area and then I could let you use all mine before I needed them. I second the plastic totes, since we've moved quite a bit we started using a lot of those too. Good luck

The Crew said...

impressive mountain of packed boxes! I'm sorry I can't come- it would have been great fun to visit and help. Maybe the next move!

I get to do my own in a few months here, oh and I'm dreading it- I will have a newborn baby in arms!

That's the way we do it though, isn't it? Moving during the most chaotic times in our lives? Aahh, what's life without ultimate chaos?

Good luck!

Megan said...

Good luck with the move! Don't envy you at all! Well the weather I do! Lucky!

Is that a Pottery Barn Kitchen... Oh I am so jealous if it is! Lucky!!

Rachel said...

Yikes. We just did our 11th move in 6.5 years. I know and understand your pain. Where are you moving to? Did you guys get a house? Good luck with it all!

Candy said...

Oh hang in there! I hate moving too and it is so stressful! SO MUCH crap to do! Can't wait to see a peaceful post when you are all moved in!

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