Little Miss Fancy Pants


Things are coming together around here.

Or, they were until yesterday, when (i'm sure you can guess which one) little girl decided to plant herself on our new taupy-tanish-brown couch with a bottle of perfectly selected dark purple fingernail polish.

I assume that the sweet little thing proceeded to take off the lid and adorn herself in the trendy dark color. A splash on her new pants, a splosh on the belly, and I'm guessing that she felt pretty fancy with that dribble across her toes.

I'm sure she didn't place the bottle on it's side on purpose allowing the contents to pool on the couch. Why on earth would she do that? Why waste all this perfect purple polish on a stupid couch? I assume it was a complete accident - all in the name of primping.

Meanwhile I get a panicked, "Mommy Mommy Mommy! Sissy's got something! On the couch! Hurry!"

I run. I toss baby aside. I grab acetone. I google.

After an urgent call to my mother and a reckless trip to Target I am found scrubbing and scrubbing. Sweating. Swearing. Scrubbing:

Rubbing alcohol. Acetone.
Rubbing alcohol. Acetone.

And it comes out.


Now, what to do with my daughter?


The Crew said...

Your new place looks like it's coming together wonderfully!

Little tough though- little curious girl, looks like she keeps you pretty busy!!

SBAM said...

So, just curious...what would Miss Mae and Miss Mia do to a room if left alone together for 5 minutes? Your new place looks nice, though!

Jenni said...

Way funny. Right under you and Eric? An ad for Tide Stain Advisor. Apparently, that ad generator really does relate to your page content.

smith scratch said...

I love the carpet! I can't believe this happened, it is so tragic. I am glad your mom knew what to do!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, you have your hands full...I am so glad it came out...phfew. Oh those little girls...we know all about them! ;0) I have 3 fancy pants myself! heehee

Emily said...

Oh my...that is tragic!! One time in 2nd grade I was playing salon on my parents giant beautiful dresser that was wood with a wonderfully dark finish. I then spilled acetone polish remover on it and it ate the stain off in .23 seconds. My dad was sanding and staining again all night. It was never the same. But...as you said....all in the name of primping!

sheena said...

idea....let's trade little ones....just for a week. mix it up.

ps. LOVE the couch!!!

banananutmeg said...

love the sofa.

So is it something in the air? And why the furniture? why not the nasty carpet in our house? must they always go for the finer places to sit? ANd why purple? I do love her so. Naughty and all. I have one of my own...but for some reason I really like YOUR naughty child too.

I love your front door.

Mindee said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but I've been reading it for a little while now, and I have to say that the way you word your stories is so funny! I like your sense of humor; I really get a kick out of it.

So thank you for sharing stories from your life and brightening mine in the process!

nicwoo said...

Ah, shucks. She's just going to turn out creative like you- that's all that those little goings-ons mean now. ;)
-Though the scrubbing, swearing mom in me says, "Why not at least the leather chair, where it could have been Wiped off?!?"

Annie Jane said...


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