Late Night Apologies

I can probably count the number of times the girls have slept in our bed on one hand. It isn't often. They get too excited and we get too annoyed.

They tend to wiggle and roll. They do 360's and always end up kicking one of us in the face.

It's impossible to sleep next to them.

Last night as I was trying to get comfortable and doing my own rolling and shifting, I had a little epiphany...

I'm exactly like they are. I probably drive my poor husband crazy at night. I can't lay still. I'm constantly hitting my pillow. Rolling to my side. No, my belly. My back? No. My other side. That bugs my shoulder. Why does my neck hurt. My back again? I hate this pillow.

It happens every night for at least a half hour. Meanwhile Easy lies perfectly still and silent.

I'm so jealous.

Sorry Babe.


Sorry. And thanks for not throwing me out.


Anonymous said...

hayley, I am the very same...I toss all night...heck who knew between teh tosses and baby's nursing I could function at ALL with about 21 minutes of sleep each night...who knew.

banananutmeg said...

I feel for you. I've just hit "that point" where it is no longer easy to sleep comfortably. Once I DO fall asleep, it seems like only an hour goes by before I'm awake again to go pee.

I can't stand kids in my bed either. I love them, but seriously...they take forever to get to sleep and it drives me crazy that they don't calm down.
I tried to have my girls sleep in the same room last night, and was totally unsuccessful. After 30 minutes of one jabbering at the other and Reese getting out of bed to tell on Q, I gave up and put Quincy back in her own room. I have NO idea where this new baby will sleep! I don't want to disturb the system we have going right now, but someone's going to have to move to a different room. Maybe me!

nicwoo said...

Aack! We are opposites.
Something I really like about myself (sorry!) I am still. nearly all night. I married a two-point-seven-five-buck tumbleweed. I think in a lux world, we each have our own queen beds.
I think it stemmed from the fact that I hated making my bed growing up so I seriously trained myself not to move, then just slipped out and smoothed the covers the next morning before school. A bit O/C, huh?

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