Joy Rides and Goodbyes



banananutmeg said...

Good luck in your move! That picture of GM is darling!

Sally said...

sniff sniff...I am so sad that I don't get to have those girlies at my house tonight. We'll have to come check out your new pad sometime next week if that's ok!

mjs ashworth said...


We are going to miss you guys!

You just plan on doing a girls night EVERY month at chili's same waitress NO EXCUSES!!

Next time I am at the PV mall, I will give you a call and swing by. I am a faithful visitor to ALL malls so it could be very soon!


Marielle Carlisle said...


nikki said...

I so thought I would see you before you guys left and I feel really sad!

Good luck to you guys and we'll have to meet for yoga sometime soon!

The Wifey said...

I hope your move went smoothly!

Are you selling Mae for only 7 bucks? Little low dontcha think? ;)

Karen and Joe said...

BOH BYE!! but more like see you later! I"m hoping it's not too long before we find some way to hook up again! miss ya friend!

smith scratch said...

Your girls are brave. My kids would be deathly afraid of riding on a dolly. They are so dang cute!

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