It's just me here.

To answer all your silly and not so silly questions.

So, lets get started.

1. Do you pick your nose? Do you pick anyone else's nose? Yes. Mine and the girls'.

2. How do you stay so gosh dang skinny? I know you do yoga, but is there anything else? I wish I could give you a straight answer. Any grain in my house is 100% whole. That goes for pasta, bread, oats, brown rice. My kids don't know a difference and so it totally works. I also don't buy anything with partially-hydrogenated oil and we eat out just once a week. I try to cook everything from scratch - nothing out of a box or preseasoned/marinated. I usually make my own salad dressing and use 100% real butter. I buy/cook red meat like once every 4 months - unless we go to my parents house. I don't overeat and I try to only eat when I'm hungry. Other than all that - I really don't know.

Speaking of Yoga. I haven't been since I injured my tailbone and we moved. I'm definitely going through withdrawals.

3. What foods are your guilty pleasures? Anything that resembles a Pazookie. Mmmm.

4. What type of nurse work do you want to do when you are finished? I'm not sure yet. Right now I'm totally enthralled by wound care. I know it sound gross, but it's so so so intriguing. I also am interested in ER and L&D.

5. What's one good thing that you think you do as a mom? I don't fret or worry over them too much. I love letting them get dirty and just be kids.

6.What's one thing you want to improve on? Spending more individual quality time with them. I can't ever get enough one-on-one.

7. Name something that truly makes you smile: Giggles from the other room.

8. Name something you are really afraid of: Losing these three people that make up my life. Oh, and drowning. And not having adequate food storage.

9. How many kids do you want? 4, but every time I say that, I secretly think 5.

10. What is your middle name? Mae, after my Grandma May, but since my first name already has 2 Y's my mom insisted they spell it with an E.

11. What did you decide on the pillows + material? A little of F, B, and C. I'll have pictures when I'm done.

12. Do you see dead people? No, but I will.

13. What could you eat every day forever? Whole wheat bagels with homemade honey butter

14. Celebrity crush? Joaquin Phoenix. Tell me, who doesn't want to get into that beard? So hot! And charming! Oh my, you have to hear him rap. No wonder he'll never act again - genius!Really though, probably Johnny Depp.

15. If you were a career woman what would you be doing? Career Woman sounds so boring. So, I'd probably be doing something boring. Unless it involved tinkering on a computer. Uh oh. My inner geek is coming out, so I'm moving on...

16. Favorite thing to wear? Skinny jeans, a snug tee, and canvas shoes.

17.How did E propose (or should I say where:) sorry totally cheating....I just think it's fun: First in a bathroom on campus with a $.25 ring. Yep. I about died and was begging him to stop and not kneel on the floor. I was hysterical and kept saying, "Are you serious? No. Really? Are you serious?" Then later that day he proposed in a note. Then I think in passing. Then that night with the real thing in my car.

18. Why do you cut your own hair, and don't say it's a money thing, I want the truth, I can handle it!! :) I've watched my mom cut hair all growing up. One day I thought - Hey I can do that - and I did. Ever since then nobody has been able to do it just how I want it. So, after my hair appointments I would always alter it and then I just started doing it on my own. I think Jesica is honest with me when she does my color and says that I've done an okay job. She straightens it out every once in a while.

19. What photo editing software do you use? Photoshop Elements 4.0. I want the 6.0 version. Maybe for my birthday? Or anniversary? Or Mother's Day?

20. What did you dream of being when you were growing up? A nurse actually. My grandmother was one and I always loved seeing her in her attire. When I went to college I randomly walked through the greenhouses on campus and fell in love with horticulture and floral design. I did that for a few years and decided to go back and work on my pre-reqs for nursing school. Now I can't believe I'm actually doing it.

21. What is your favorite thing about yourself? I get stuff done. Ask me? I'll get it done. Don't ask me? I'll still get it done.

22. And your least favorite? I have this horrible habit of picking at my face, well at anything. It's awful!

23. If you could pick anywhere to live, where would it be and why?(NOT depending on jobs, either) Northern California. Not too hot or too cold and near both E and my families.

24. What's your secret for money management? (besides buying used furniture, etc.) No real secrets here. Easy is great with money. I am not. We have a deal where if something is over $20 then we have to talk about it before purchasing and we pay off our credit cards every month. Really though, we don't pay full price for anything. We are Craigslist fiends.

25. What does Eric do for you that makes you the most happy? If I ask him nicely he will always rub my back.

26. If you could change one thing about you or your life, what would it be? I would call people more often, I would not take offense, and I would be more affectionate.

27. What are your pet peeves? needing to pick other peoples noses? haha: Seriously, people need to take care of their mucous! But more importantly if you have a bluetooth, then you need to take it out when your not talking to someone and if you are talking someone please don't come down my isle in the store waving your hands around and annoyingly fluctuating the tone of your voice. Really. Don't.

Thanks guys. This was fun. Have a great weekend.


Kroegers Calling said...

You are so dang cute! I love it

Saskia said...

Loved learning more about you!

Have a great weekend. Saskia x

Sally said...

I love you! You are so fun. Hey and for the record...I'm a nose picker too. Especially when it comes to my kidlets!

eRiCa said...


We share the same pet peeve, the same answer to #22 and #6.

Can't wait to see the pillows and loved your answer to if you see dead people.

yeah...you pretty much rock.

banananutmeg said...

I love reading these!

The Wifey said...

Ha...I am so.with.you. on the bluetooth thing. I think I even mentioned it in one of my pet peeves post. It's frickin annoying!

And c'mon, we all know you're just skinny because you don't have to try!

And we definitely are alike with the food. We never eat refined grains. I actually don't think my stomach can handle it anymore, they make me bloated. ha ha!

Candy said...

haha! So fun to read! Thanks, that is a good idea, I might have to copy. Except I'm not nearly as exciting as you!

Jason and Courtney said...

I totally remember being in class and you coming in and telling me that Eric proposed to you in the bathroom in the Austin building.....classic. Oh...I loved college.

Lindy Lewis said...

Good work Hayley! Fun to read and get to know you EVEN better. I seriously wish Jeremy had the same enthusiasm about eating healthy as you and Eric do! He is making some progress though....he will now eat turkey hot dogs and salad! yea!!! Your family is just such a meat and potatoes bunch and it's hard to change that up a bit!!

p.s. I think Johnny Depp is HOT!!! Good one!!

sheena said...

love this. glad we're friends:)

The Crew said...

fun stuff hays, love ya!

eric and monica said...

I am a joaquin and johnny depp crusher, too! bad! did you see joaquin's interview on letterman? it was fun. glad we have the same taste in celebrities. glad to be your friend, supergirl hayley!

hays said...

sorry monica, but i was being a bit sarcastic about joaquin.

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