i am here.

not really here though and not really there.

we are somewhere in between

and i actually have much to tell.

but my camera will not connect to easy's computer and mine is not set up yet.

not set up? it's almost been a week, though! yes...much to tell.

until then...

here is something that nearly kills me every time i see it.
thank you failblog for always brightening my day.


sheena said...

I'm glad you are there...or somewhere!! Wish we were closer to help you guys with the move....

eRiCa said...

Can't wait for an update. I dig failblog :)

p.s. When I tried to get your blog via internet explorer it kept giving me an error. So I tried firefox and it told me I could be redirected to www.gardinerdirt.com. is this something new with blogger?

Anonymous said...

i just changed the url and neglected to tell everyone. sorry. its now just gardinerdirt.com

Garrison Propaganda said...

ugh....your moving story doesnt sound ideal. but i think my kids would love the fact that theyd be in a hotel with a pool. free breakfast and theyd never want to leave! hopefully youre not covering the hotel/extended uhaul tabs. hope things dry up soon. not something i pictured to be a problem out in that region!

Saskia said...

Glad you're kinda there! I'm looking forward to hearing your news x

smith scratch said...

What could have happened? Hope all is well.

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