My father-in-law is the "go to guy" when it comes to media.

Whenever he is around there is usually a type of camera in tow. The people surrounding our outings are usually pretty curious, but we are so used to it that it doesn't even phase any more. The girls have practically grown up with a camera in their faces.

Here is the latest.

The Girls Plant a Garden from K on Vimeo.

Enjoy your weekend.


The Hyde Family said...

So cute Hayley...I'm jealous that you are outside planting a garden in February! I was just in Phoenix a few weeks ago to visit my sisters. I loved it, such a fun place!

nicwoo said...

Yay! A garden!!
Thought: Good thing I took that gardening class at BYUI! :) so I know what the heck I just witnessed. And what I'm doing- our gardens will be similar. Though Gardening is an experiment, so I'll keep you posted.

Love the vid. Your little helper. And that the check-out lady didn't mind she was videotaped.

The Wifey said...

So cute! Was Brett your substitute hubby for the day? ha ha.

sheena said...

love it!! so cute!

You guys are much better parents than we are.....I was waiting for the hose to turn back on when she was looking down it.....whoops.

The Crew said...

What great little gardiners!

Tai said...

Technical question- what are the dimensions of your garden? And how much soil did you have to buy? I'm thinking of doing the same thing (a raised bed) here in a month or so, and since you've already blazed the path, I thought I'd ask you!

hays said...

Know how:

Dimensions are: 8'x4' Bought 3 boards HD guy cut one in half. screw together with wood screws. Buy ceder if you want to splurge and have it last years and years. I'm a cheapy and got pine.

I bought only 8 cubic feet of garden soil. We mixed it in with the soil that was already in the spot and a little sand from the nearby sandbox (for drainage). I should have bought more though at $1.50 a bag. Make sure to get garden soil instead of potting soil. Nutrient content differs. It's a huge workout for your back, but will be so worth it in a few months.

I also bought some blood meal and would have bought bone meal if they weren't out at HD. This also bumps up the nutrients.

Buy some marigolds and lavender to organically keep the pests away.

I'm worried because my little seedlings haven't sprouted yet. Maybe I should have started them indoors?

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