A Wedding

While in Nevada my baby brother Alex got himself hitched. He has been serving in Iraq for the last 14 months, came home 2 weeks before Christmas, met his new baby girl Claire, and got married 2 weeks later to Roxanne.

Everybody looked great. Especially my Grandma Nancy in her blue dress.


The boys are always finding a way to compete. If it isn't pinning each other down in a corner somewhere it is arm wrestling, racing on their 4-wheelers, running, or shooting. In this instance it is who can look the tallest in a photo. All except the groom, Alex, who is trying to avoid the classic butt-pinch.

MaeMae was particularly irresistible that Saturday evening. Can you believe how blond she is? And those baby blues. Agh, I could eat her!


Don't tell, but I did take a few nibbles at her today when she wore that same dress to church.
I'm so guilty.


The Lewis Trio said...

Awwww, these pictures came out beautifully :D

I am blessed to have become part of a beautiful family!!

Annie Jane said...

Awesome pics! Welcome to the family, Amber! She looks lovely.

eRiCa said...

she is so adorably beautiful!

Her eyes...I'm crushing :)

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