A Tag

In the Words of Easy E and approved by myself.
I thought it was more fun this way.

7 things Hays can do:

  • find $5 shirts to buy and justify that they, "Were only five dollars!"
  • make a mean pizza
  • a Headstand
  • blog
  • always find something she needs at: Old Navy, Target, Urban Outfitters, Anthro...
  • find a new project
  • fix things
7 things she has a hard time doing:
  • waking before 7:30am
  • differential equations
  • picking up Easy's socks
  • changing the laundry
  • turning off the oven
  • not grinding spoons in the disposal
  • Typing: "blog like a mo-fo-" under "things Hays can do"
7 things that attract me to Easy (I did this one. He was stuck on body parts):
  • he's tall
  • he's funny (but I think I'm funnier)
  • the way he is with our kids (I swear GM thinks he is her boyfriend)
  • he is honest with me
  • he surprises me (Well, he did once with a really great watch)
  • that jaw
  • he does the dishes almost every night
7 things I say often:
  • "Why don't you think I'm funny?"
  • "Get out of the sink!"
  • "When are you coming home."
  • "Eat your dinner or you will go to your room."
  • "Will you please rock out with me?"
  • "Don't hit your sister!"
  • "Do you have to go peepee?"
7 admirations:
  • The girls
  • Her parents
  • My dad
  • Me
  • Kiersten
  • Nancy
  • and her brothers are in there somewhere
7 favorite foods:
  • Fajitas
  • Crepes or German pancakes or something like that
  • New fav - Blue Bell's Moolenium Crunch Ice Cream
  • Her Guacamole
  • Olive Garden's Cheese Ravioli
  • Anything from the Bombay House in Provo
  • Sushi

Now, you're it!


Sally said...

I love the Bombay House! I can't believe we have never discussed it during our Dara Thai dining dates.

smith scratch said...

That was fun. I like that he says you have a "hard time" picking up Easy's socks. I also am laughing out loud at "get out of the sink!"
Thanks for sharing. :]

Lori said...

Even if he does do the dishes, you still shouldn't have to pick up Eric's socks.

The Wifey said...

Ha...that tag I was great, I might have to do that someday. And about my blog post...I was wondering what it would do to stores like your Etsy shop? Any thoughts on that? It's great to crack down on poisonous items to help our kids but I think it's going waaaaay too far.

P.S. I too have hard time waking up before 7:30 am and I too love my guacamole and I also LOVE sushi.

Anonymous said...

H- Your creativity, warmth, caring, wonder of life and love of others really comes through. K

Rachelle said...

this was cute! i have to agree that 5 dollar shirts are only $5. it would be silly NOT to buy them!

The Lewis Trio said...

This was fun! I will have to find time to do one

sheena said...

so fun!

we too have the "i'm funnier than you" argument going non stop in our house"

I am so behind on your blog!! looks like you had such a fun holiday break...your girls are too cute!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

So, rather than "i'm funnier than you" in our house, Matt usually says (quite surprised) "you made a joke!" Yeah, I'm not the funniest around, although I have had my moments.

Oh man, I've been wanting sushi badly lately.

And, I truly admire you hales.

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