Can I Borrow a Pen? Oh, and a Bucket of Water?

So, it has started.

I'm officially a nursing student.

Easy was coming home a little early so I could have a fresh start on my first day and I was totally ready.


Yes, I was nervous because I couldn't decide whether to carry a backpack or a shoulder bag, but was confident in my newly stolen sweater.

It's so cute, right!

Of course I didn't really steal it! You see, there was only one left at the store and it was on a mannequin. I asked the sales girl for it and she said I couldn't have it. There was some company policy against undressing the mannequins. Of course then I HAD to have it. So Alisha, being the bestest friend in the world, nabbed it off the mannequin for me as I was waiting at the register. Another sales girl rang it through and we bolted out the door. Bwa ha ha ha!


So, where was I?

Baby Screaming!


What? Screaming from the back yard? No, not hurt-screaming, but something's-wrong-screaming!


And this is what I found just minutes before I had to leave.
Agh! Are you kidding me?

I hate sand boxes!
Hate them!

Little Missy got a good-ol-fashioned sink-bath


and I was on my way.

Except who forgets a pen on their first day of school? I mean, really!


I guess the little girl really threw me off.


sheena said...

I've been thinking about you all week--wondering when the big day was! I am really soooo excited for you and can't wait to hear more about it!!

love your sweater!! I always end up undressing the mannequin and feel so weird about it.

and mae....so cute.

oh...and....to comment on your comment--I WISH we had known eachother then too....can we go back?

banananutmeg said...

um, I want that sweater! It's all cozy and roomy enough to squeeze my belly under it when I get all fat! Maybe there is a mannequin I could get naked with here?

Congrats on the first day! And the sand,....well it means you are that much more of a bad-A for handling it so quickly on the way out the door. See? you should be a nurse.

the wife said...

HA! a pen? now that is classic.

SBAM said...

You're a mom & a student! Ah, the craziness that is sure to ensue! Love the sweater, too. Alisha is so fabulous to steal it for you!

The Crew said...

yay for first days! I've been wondering how it would go- I had plenty of no pen days back when I was in school. I even forgot to take a paper once the day it was due. Ah, memories!

Mandy said...

Not undressing a mannequin seems stupid. I've had to do it before for customers when working retail. She was probably just too lazy or something silly. Good for your friend!!

How was your first day?! That's so exciting!

The Lewis Trio said...

Yay for your first day... sounds like an eventful day, haha, i think it's pretty much inevitable that when we are in a hurry or have something big to go to a little bell goes off in our childrens' head making them make the biggest mess they can.

The joys of motherhood!!

nicwoo said...

Who needs a pen when YOU look so sharp? (That's what I always say.)

Anyway, YOU'RE SO AWESOME- Have a great semester!

Saskia said...

Gorgeous sweater, and a gorgeous sandy girl. What a cute post!

I hope your first day was good, even without a pen!

Saskia x

The Hyde Family said...

Good luck girl! I'm sure that you will be wonderful...you look cute too.

Chy said...

ehhh... pens are over rated. Cute, cute sweater! I WANT IT :0/

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