Party Bunny


Dear Nasty Bunny,

Although I'm sure you are enjoying your time in Las Vegas, I think it's time you come home. Blondie is a little sick about you and honestly, she thinks that you are scared and lonely. Little does she know you are probably off sneaking into Thunder from Down Under and Celine, gambling away your loose fuzz, and hitchhiking all over the city.

You should have just spoken up if you really wanted to spend another day or two in Vegas then we originally planned. It would have been better than pulling this "left behind" garbage.

I was hoping that maybe she would get over you. You know, move onto loving Sheep or Bear or something, but nope, she still whimpers for you every night. I've even thought that this might be the right time to replace you. It'd be pretty easy to find a cousin of yours and slip him to her fresh out of the dryer all clean, pretty, nice smelling, and pink. "Look! Bunny's back! And he's so clean! That was really nice of Brielle's mommy to wash him for you."

But I would feel pretty guilty about that. So, just come home, but not for me. For her.



sheena said...

oh no!!! I am so sad for her! I know how devastated a little boy up this way would be if we left behind his beloved blue blanket.

here's to a safe return!

Jenni said...

The tramp!

banananutmeg said...

I once left a swimsuit in a hotel in vegas. They mailed it to me...but something about putting my 'naked pieces' against something that had been all over vegas unsupervised....well that didn't sit right with me, and I tossed the suit, due to fear of catching an STD.

Be sure nasty bunny gets a tub before blondie sees him. Just in case.

I'm sad for her too.

The Wifey said...

She (he?) should go to the PlayBoy Hotel. He (she?) would fit right in.

smith scratch said...

This is very sad news. If you had to replace Nasty Bunny, you would really have to mess her up first. She was well loved.

Haysie said...

Lucky for us he was left at a friends house. We are sure he'll be home soon and without any communicable diseases.

nicwoo said...

Brilliantly Creative Post

..And Makes me wonder, "If I were left behind in Vegas, what would I PoSsiblY CoNSiDer doing until mailed home?"

Young Family said...

Poor kid. I know Savannah would be so distraught if we lost "blankie". I am pretty sure she wouldn't sleep. Ugggghh the thought of it. Anyways, best of luck. Maybe Bunny's cousin can come to town in the mailbox. Just an idea :)

Ash said...

I'm so happy the bunny is yelling, "YEAH BABY!" I love when you and Ava say that.

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