Midweek Musings

Is it Wednesday already? Wow.


I told you how my cousin was here. I love her and miss her today along with those sweet girls.

This week we made history. I think it's cool, but feel kind of bad for Mr. Barack since our country is in such bad economic shape. I'm sure we'd all like to see some of that change that he has been talking about for the past few years. I wonder how it will all pan out...but for now, it's a pretty big week.

My arm is sore. Today I got my 6th injection in 2 weeks. In order to work in health care you have to be up to date on all immunizations. My card from my childhood has seen better days; It's missing dates, signatures, and is in my mom's handwriting. Classic.

I can't wait to be the one on the other side of this shot business. It has got to be better to be the one holding that needle instead of the one that just sits there and takes it.
It also make me sad and sympathetic for my babies.


Lastly, I have to talk about food. Tonight we are having this. Mmmmm. With me in school 2 nights a week I'm determined to see that my family isn't stuck eating chicken nuggets and frozen pizza. I'm trying to find some great make-ahead meals that Easy can throw in the oven, microwave, or freezer.

Any ideas?


nettie said...

amber hasn't changed one bit. She looks exactly the same!

every time I make lasagna, I make 2 batches. One to eat and one for the freezer. It makes me so happy when I remember it's frozen and I don't have to cook

SOUP! Super easy and even better the next day (in my opinion).

While my family is still small, I always make enough for leftovers. We eat the same meal 2 days in a row at least 3 times per week. I used to hate leftovers, but now I think they are the greatest.

banananutmeg said...

I need your email address.
mine is leggo_my_meg-o@juno.com. I just discovered an INCREDIBLE pesto sauce. Easy AND delicious!

The Crew said...

I have a whole cook book called Frozen Assets, it's all about meals you make and freeze for later. I don't know if crock pot meals would help out, but there's also a great book called Fix It and Forget It- full of great crock pot meals!

I'm all about the frozen stuff though, your mom made us a week or so worth of frozen dinners each time I had a baby, and it was the greatest thing!

eRiCa said...

ouch! I could never be a nurse...I dislike needles!

homemade mac 'n cheese
crock pot stuff...

email me if you want some recipes.

eric and monica said...

dude, you're gonna be the meanest nurse... in a good way, of course.


Tai said...

I live by my crockpot! I too am back in school (and I work full-time). You can google a million different recipes, and they're usually pretty healthy!

Megan said...

Ouch!! I agree w/ Erica...crockpot is the way to go!

Good luck! I am in love with the Chunky Veggie Lasagna! Please share the recipe!!

eric and monica said...

i love this recipe... good enough for two days. I splurge on good cheese and buy pre-cooked bacon for the grilled cheese sandwiches for no-mess. I'm not a huge tomato soup fan but this is really good.

bon apetit, gardiner family!

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