He Delivered

I felt giddy to wake in my parents house again on Christmas morning. It has changed a lot over the years, but it still the same home with my mother's same cooking. It's actually a bit of a boarding house. Someone is always there either staying until they get a place of their own or they are someone that my ever-generous parents are caring for. For many years it was foster children. This year it was Mary Jane - my step-grandma with Alzheimers who spouts off during prayers. My once foster sister, but now adopted Catina and her husband were there too, my brother Darren, his wife and sweet baby, my parents, and Easy E, myself and the girls.

My parents were empty-nesters for about 6 months once and I think that they both drove each other crazy and were also bored out of their minds. Good thing the have dogs, cats, and a very happy horse named BaƱo.


So anyway, that was a little random. My point was that it was nice to be home again

and Santa delivered to all!

He even brought Grandma Jane a fake kitty that she thinks is real. It meows and breathes and is all around very creepy. I'm sorry I don't have video of it.




Later that day we celebrated my grandpa's 94th birthday.

There. I did my Christmas post. Hooray!

Happy New Year!
Bring it on 2009


Rhonda said...

I had to post a comment to this. I'm so glad to see that I wasn't the only one staying at their parents house and remembering Christmas' past. Staying at my parents was always a HUGE thing for me. Christmas Eve with my siblings and then my family and my brother always stayed at my parents. My husband always told me one yr we'd have to give it up and have our own Christmas on Christmas morning. Well not this past mother's day but in 07 my mother passed away. So we now celebrate Christmas at our own house. So cherish all of those Christmas mornings at your parents house. I don't even personally know you but it makes me giddy to know you did what I truly thought was the greatest thing and deep down still is!!

Garrison Propaganda said...

love the slippers. theyre cute, and look comfy. do they have good arch support? just trying to find a new pair that have great support, but dont make my feet sweat so badly! the breathing cat sounds hilarious.

Haysie said...

arch support is non-existent!

Sally said...

I'm lovin' Easy's hat! Nice!

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