Not so Fishy Gardiner's


We drove back to Arizona through LA to see all our favorite Gardiners. Lucky for us, they had a fishing trip planned and we got to tag along.


We didn't catch any fish, but Uncle Fat found a little frog for Blondie. She wasn't too sure about it at first.

I suppose I should clarify. Uncle Fat really isn't fat, he is actually the entire opposite. More clarification? When Easy's mom passed away his dad remarried to Deborah. Deborah had a son named Ryan and Kent had a son named Ryan. From my understanding, they were called Big Ryan and Little Ryan until it affectionately changed into Big Fat Ryan, and then finally just Fat Ryan or Fat. So, no offense is taken with the name.

We also enjoyed the day with Aunt Ashley who, "has hair like Sleeping Beauty's," Uncle Brett who sported the classic Kent getup, and of course Grandma Deb and Grandpa who provided loads of entertainment and kept little bodies out of the stream.

What a fine day, indeed.



eric and monica said...


nicwoo said...

Little_Angel_Blondes. That's what you have.

banananutmeg said...

how fun! I'm not sure if I trust Q near a stream just yet.
You take such great pictures!

Haysie said...

I really wish I could take credit for these, but my FIL took them.

Ash said...

That was so fun, come back to me!! I miss you guys.

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