Am and I

Sometimes it's like I blinked and here I am, all grown up. How does it happen so fast?

With my dear cousin Amber visiting me I have been having sporadic flashbacks of times and events so distant it seems that I have only read about them in a book somewhere. She even smells the same to where I can't help but think of opening trash bags of hand-me-down clothes where The Pink House's scent comes pouring out - it was like Christmas every 6 months digging through all the clothes and then finally finding my very first pair of Gap jeans that I wore through shortly afterward. I can't help but think of times spent making leaf-purses and concocting various "colognes" made of nothing but water and sagebrush mixed together and left in the sun to transfuse for a later application.

Things are a little different now. We both have our own set of girls. Hers are older and full of personality and individuality as well as spirit and beauty. Mine follow after them just as Christie and I followed after her so many years ago, eating up all that they do and say.

And I think to myself that maybe things aren't so different. Maybe things have just come full circle and this is just how it's supposed to be.



The Brown Family said...

I love those memories...and the smells! Tell Amber I say hi and to look me up in the ward directory. BTW, where are you moving to?

April said...

your blog is so fun to read. i'll keep blogstalking you after you move for sure!

The Crew said...

Sounds lovely- I love flashbacks. I'm wishing I could be there with you two amazing ladies.

sheena said...

nicely put:)

nicwoo said...

(--I'll agree that things simply come full circle; and your girls will be the same spirited and creative college student I knew!)

Amber said...

wow hays...how you capture it all. it was magic to watch them...specially em and ava. cuddle time with mae was very special to me. very healing. i love you. you're bracelet is coming. hey i had a thought...put those bn cheerios in your car for the ducks...at that amazing park. love you. i'm finally just now home. (big sigh) i want to come back. we needed a week.

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