Yesterday was a breath of fresh air as Easy and I hit some of the only slopes AZ has to offer with 5" (which is a lot for here) of fresh, light, yummy, new powdered snow.


It was like old times except with older, weaker, and less agile bodies that tire easily. Which doesn't really matter when you have free tickets and a free babysitter (thx April)

By the end of the day I suffered (and still am for crying out loud!) from a busted-butt.

It was previously bruised from breaking through a chair that was a bit too little for me and crashing down onto concrete at a birthday party.

Yesterday, I slammed it again after hitting a jump and consequently sat the last couple runs out, waiting in the warm car for my man.

Man, sitting on it in class tonight for 3.5 hours was rough


I'm such and advocate of the kid-free vacation. It's an opportunity to fall in love all over again.

You just can't help it.

Video here.


sheena said...

oh i am so jealous!!!! Robby and I have not been together since we left Rexburg!!!

so it's not like riding a bike....I can't just pick up where I left off?? My body hurts just thinking about it.

sheena said...

whoops....taken out of context, that entire comment could be weird.

Robby and I have not been SNOWBOARDING together.


hays said...

oh ho ho! you never cease to make me laugh.

it's a little like riding a bike. ahem, SNOWBOARDING is.

I just got a little too confident and was going a little too fast. I flew off the jump and SMACK! my butt, my shoulder, my head. I tried going down a couple more times, but it was useless.

Ha! Sorry - still laughing at the first comment.

smith scratch said...

How exciting and romantic, you guys are adorable.

April said...

glad you guys had fun! i'm still mad cause WE left the camera at home!!!

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