7 to 7

The girls were a little cranky tonight and I'm a little tired.

Today I felt like the Mother of all Living. I watched my friends 3 boys from 7 am until almost 7pm.

I wiped, I washed, I fed, I played, I comforted, I kept the peace, and now, I'm pooped.

5 kids ages, 6 4 3 1.5 and 10 months

It was a long day, but

I learned a lot from these boys. Like how:

1. Lions sleep in trees
2. To pull off some sweet ninja moves
3. If characters in a movie are fighting then you should be too
4. My floors are heaven to babies that wish to find odd objects to put into their mouths
5. Play dough is meant for making volcanoes and mountains - not birthday cakes
6. Everything is a race, or a fight, or some type of contest and there is only one winner
7. I can convince a 6 year old to let me pull his tooth out - no sweat

and finally that

8. Little boys can be extremely sweet and I think I want one of my own




sheena jibson said...

oh. my. I thought you were going to announce. that would leave me by my loansome.

boys are wonderul!!!

Sally said...

Wow! Sounds like fun. We had a watered down version of your day but with girls, mermaids, babies, and princesses, and only half of the day.

Saskia said...

You're so right... everything is a competition with little boys!

Hope you have a more relaxing day today.

Saskia x

The Crew said...

Oh yes, boys are great, I think you should definitely have one!

banananutmeg said...

Ok H, you frightened me a little with this post. I'm going to have one of those totally sweet boys, that just likes bugs and dirt and cars, but wouldn't dare eat a booger, use potty words, hit his sister, or turn a stick into a sword or a gun, right? right? ...right?

I'm still so freaking excited, I guess it doesn't matter at this point!

Rachel said...

Little boys get a bad rap sometimes. Boys are sooo fun! And everything you said is absolutely true!

Kroegers Calling said...

I am so glad you nabbed the tooth. I watched him wiggle and wiggle all through primary trying to get that thing out. Did the tooth fairy leave a little something for you for your efforts?

hays said...

I wish!

the wife said...

me too...
we some boys

4 cute chicks said...

I SO hear what you're saying. My boyfriend has 3 boys and they must exist on a completely different planet than little girls. I love the change of pace too, but it's definitely tiring.

nicwoo said...

Ahh, boys.... both fun and fascinating, they are. :) -and all that stuff about not encouraging gender specific play gets thrown right out the window because I've found watching boys in equal circumstance that they see some thing and think, "Can I break that with my arms? or my legs?" and girls, "That thing? Not important. It's not pink or cute- not for me."
Agreed, they are equally amazing.

April said...

can't tell you how many pics i have of my 2nd born doing his lion roar! send me a copy when you get a chance. & C tells everyone the story of his tooth getting pulled out :)
thanks again! you're awesome!

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