Sticking, Treading, Skating, Brushing

Last night in Pharm we learned about injection sites, needles, and finally how to do injections on the Sponge Bob Square Pad. I loved it and really can't wait to do it on a human. Is that weird?

Class is going pretty good. I feel like I'm treading with my head barely above water and if I don't really start disciplining myself and organize my time better, I may just start to sink. It's amazingly hard to focus my time at home when I'm caring after my 2 silly girls, packing to move in a week, and have my first exam in Theory next Wednesday. I'm not a schedule-y type person or the list-y type. I'm accustomed to just going with the flow at home day-to-day and in school I have always just skated by with B's - not really fulfilling my potential - I know I could do better.

This is hard for me. It's a lot.

But I'm also loving it and am soaking it all in. I want to learn more and more and implement it all right now. I'm excited about caring for people that cannot care for themselves, teaching them, and healing them. It's incredibly empowering.

The girls are also learning a thing or two.




This morning I woke to Sprinkles for breakfast and I'm now in a cupcake induced coma. Yes, they are that good my friends.




Yesterday was a breath of fresh air as Easy and I hit some of the only slopes AZ has to offer with 5" (which is a lot for here) of fresh, light, yummy, new powdered snow.


It was like old times except with older, weaker, and less agile bodies that tire easily. Which doesn't really matter when you have free tickets and a free babysitter (thx April)

By the end of the day I suffered (and still am for crying out loud!) from a busted-butt.

It was previously bruised from breaking through a chair that was a bit too little for me and crashing down onto concrete at a birthday party.

Yesterday, I slammed it again after hitting a jump and consequently sat the last couple runs out, waiting in the warm car for my man.

Man, sitting on it in class tonight for 3.5 hours was rough


I'm such and advocate of the kid-free vacation. It's an opportunity to fall in love all over again.

You just can't help it.

Video here.





Eat It

Yay! I was hoping someone would request the recipe for my
Chunky Veggie Lasagna.
Thanks Megan.

So, here we go!


12 uncooked lasagna noodles (go ahead and buy the no-boil kind to save a little time)
2 cups frozen broccoli flowerets, thawed
3 large carrots, shredded (2 cups)
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
1 med red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
1 med green bell pepper, also cut
3/4 cup pesto (homemade if you are a rock-star, which I wasn't last week)
1/4 tsp salt
1 container ricotta cheese
1/2 c grated parmesan
1/4 c fresh chopped parsley
1 large egg
3 tablespoons butter
1 clove garlic
3 tbs flour
2 c milk
3 c shredded mozerella (I never said this was healthy)

1. mix broc, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, pesto and salt.

2. in separate bowl mix ricotta, parmesan, parsley, and egg

3. melt butter in 2qt saucepan over medium. cook garlic in butter until golden (4 min). stir in flour. stir constantly over med heat until mixture is smooth and bubbly; remove from heat. stir in milk. heat to boiling, stir constantly. boil and stir one minute.

4. heat oven to 350

5. place 3 noodles in ungreased rectangular pan. spread half cheese mixture over noodles. top with noodles and spread with veggies. sprinkle with one cup mozzarella. top with 3 noodles; spread with remaining cheese mixture. top with 3 noodles and spread with veggies. pour sauce evenly over top and sprinkle with remaining cheese


6. bake uncovered 35 to 40 minutes or until golden. let stand 10 min before cutting.

7. kiss your helpers




Every Once in a While...

I have these horrific dreams that my teeth have



The other night they were falling out and I was trying to get to the dentist.
Everyone was stopping me


I couldn't get there in time.


Midweek Musings

Is it Wednesday already? Wow.


I told you how my cousin was here. I love her and miss her today along with those sweet girls.

This week we made history. I think it's cool, but feel kind of bad for Mr. Barack since our country is in such bad economic shape. I'm sure we'd all like to see some of that change that he has been talking about for the past few years. I wonder how it will all pan out...but for now, it's a pretty big week.

My arm is sore. Today I got my 6th injection in 2 weeks. In order to work in health care you have to be up to date on all immunizations. My card from my childhood has seen better days; It's missing dates, signatures, and is in my mom's handwriting. Classic.

I can't wait to be the one on the other side of this shot business. It has got to be better to be the one holding that needle instead of the one that just sits there and takes it.
It also make me sad and sympathetic for my babies.


Lastly, I have to talk about food. Tonight we are having this. Mmmmm. With me in school 2 nights a week I'm determined to see that my family isn't stuck eating chicken nuggets and frozen pizza. I'm trying to find some great make-ahead meals that Easy can throw in the oven, microwave, or freezer.

Any ideas?



Am and I

Sometimes it's like I blinked and here I am, all grown up. How does it happen so fast?

With my dear cousin Amber visiting me I have been having sporadic flashbacks of times and events so distant it seems that I have only read about them in a book somewhere. She even smells the same to where I can't help but think of opening trash bags of hand-me-down clothes where The Pink House's scent comes pouring out - it was like Christmas every 6 months digging through all the clothes and then finally finding my very first pair of Gap jeans that I wore through shortly afterward. I can't help but think of times spent making leaf-purses and concocting various "colognes" made of nothing but water and sagebrush mixed together and left in the sun to transfuse for a later application.

Things are a little different now. We both have our own set of girls. Hers are older and full of personality and individuality as well as spirit and beauty. Mine follow after them just as Christie and I followed after her so many years ago, eating up all that they do and say.

And I think to myself that maybe things aren't so different. Maybe things have just come full circle and this is just how it's supposed to be.





I'm a little reluctant to write this post because I'm such an amateur when it comes to photography. I guess it would be more appropriate for some of my professional friends to do a guest post on it, however I have had quite few people ask me about my camera and my photos so I'll take a shot at it.

Photography is a hobby for me and one that I happen to love at that. I took classes in high school and then one college course - that was a joke. We bought a SLR in 2007 and since that day things have just taken off for me. I love it. I take hundreds of pictures each month. You see the better ones here. I take a lot so that I know I'm getting at least one good one out of like 10 that maybe aren't so great.

My camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XTI. It's like the baby of SLRs when comparing both size and price, but it packs a punch, especially with a nice lens. I usually always have my EF 50mm fixed lens on it. It's a 1.4 USM and I love love love it. It's quick, sharp and great in low light due to the wide aperture (thanks Tiff).

I never shoot on auto mode. I'm usually always on aperture priority and occasionally on all manual. I don't trust the camera to do the work for me. I am always checking the ISO, aperture, and the white balance - then I make adjustments as necessary. Again - I don't really know too well what I'm doing. I know a only little and I wing it - a lot.

This is my one big tip and that is to move. Don't be afraid to get close - sometimes the closest shots are the most intimate and speak the loudest. Along with that is being on the same level as the subject. I'm known to lay on the floor and squat in the dirt to get the best shots. Most good photographers aren't afraid to get dirty.

I'm still working on my Photoshop skills. I've learned it all on my own. Mostly from here.
And that's all I have for today. Happy weekend.


Can I Borrow a Pen? Oh, and a Bucket of Water?

So, it has started.

I'm officially a nursing student.

Easy was coming home a little early so I could have a fresh start on my first day and I was totally ready.


Yes, I was nervous because I couldn't decide whether to carry a backpack or a shoulder bag, but was confident in my newly stolen sweater.

It's so cute, right!

Of course I didn't really steal it! You see, there was only one left at the store and it was on a mannequin. I asked the sales girl for it and she said I couldn't have it. There was some company policy against undressing the mannequins. Of course then I HAD to have it. So Alisha, being the bestest friend in the world, nabbed it off the mannequin for me as I was waiting at the register. Another sales girl rang it through and we bolted out the door. Bwa ha ha ha!


So, where was I?

Baby Screaming!


What? Screaming from the back yard? No, not hurt-screaming, but something's-wrong-screaming!


And this is what I found just minutes before I had to leave.
Agh! Are you kidding me?

I hate sand boxes!
Hate them!

Little Missy got a good-ol-fashioned sink-bath


and I was on my way.

Except who forgets a pen on their first day of school? I mean, really!


I guess the little girl really threw me off.


7 to 7

The girls were a little cranky tonight and I'm a little tired.

Today I felt like the Mother of all Living. I watched my friends 3 boys from 7 am until almost 7pm.

I wiped, I washed, I fed, I played, I comforted, I kept the peace, and now, I'm pooped.

5 kids ages, 6 4 3 1.5 and 10 months

It was a long day, but

I learned a lot from these boys. Like how:

1. Lions sleep in trees
2. To pull off some sweet ninja moves
3. If characters in a movie are fighting then you should be too
4. My floors are heaven to babies that wish to find odd objects to put into their mouths
5. Play dough is meant for making volcanoes and mountains - not birthday cakes
6. Everything is a race, or a fight, or some type of contest and there is only one winner
7. I can convince a 6 year old to let me pull his tooth out - no sweat

and finally that

8. Little boys can be extremely sweet and I think I want one of my own




the sick man

It's Monday again.

I'm reminded today of how last Monday The Man stayed home from work because he was "sick." I wasn't too happy about it then, but today, I miss him. I always miss him on Mondays.

I quote "sick" because whenever Easy isn't feeling well it's like I don't believe him, after all his head isn't hanging in the toilet and he rarely has a fever.

To me sick = vomit and fever.
If you are missing either of those things than you aren't really sick.

So, I carried on with my Monday while he laid in bed. I know that I should have brought him warm soup and some cold medicine, but instead I pretended that he wasn't around. Sometimes I get selfish like that. I know it sucks to not feel well, but the truth is I'm jealous, so I avoid the sick husband at all costs.

I get a little chip on my shoulder and think, "Where the hell is my sick day?" And if he is staying home in bed and isn't completely confined to the bathroom, then I want to hang out, you know, have a party.

I always love a good party.


...and Here we Are

So, I guess it's 2009. It's here. A new year. A new unknown. Can we go back to 2008?
8 was great and honestly...I'm wondering about 09. What will it bring?

2008 brought a new community in an actual home, new friends, a successful little Etsy shop, loads of time spent on the road checking out Arizona and visiting friends and family. Actually, the past three years here in the AZ have been pretty charming. I've loved it and I have been happy. Truly happy.


Now it's 2009. I 'm going back to school. Starting on an adventure to become a nurse. It's intimidating. I won't have near as much time with my children and my husband, we are moving again (soon), I've closed my shop, and all the little vacations are over.

So, here's to 2009. Bring it on. I'm not afraid if you or the challenges you will bring because I am ready. I have goals for you - things in mind - to keep me healthy and most importantly keep me happy. We know that you are going to be a tough one. Maybe, you'll be my toughest year yet.

But believe me, I am ready.





Not so Fishy Gardiner's


We drove back to Arizona through LA to see all our favorite Gardiners. Lucky for us, they had a fishing trip planned and we got to tag along.


We didn't catch any fish, but Uncle Fat found a little frog for Blondie. She wasn't too sure about it at first.

I suppose I should clarify. Uncle Fat really isn't fat, he is actually the entire opposite. More clarification? When Easy's mom passed away his dad remarried to Deborah. Deborah had a son named Ryan and Kent had a son named Ryan. From my understanding, they were called Big Ryan and Little Ryan until it affectionately changed into Big Fat Ryan, and then finally just Fat Ryan or Fat. So, no offense is taken with the name.

We also enjoyed the day with Aunt Ashley who, "has hair like Sleeping Beauty's," Uncle Brett who sported the classic Kent getup, and of course Grandma Deb and Grandpa who provided loads of entertainment and kept little bodies out of the stream.

What a fine day, indeed.



Party Bunny


Dear Nasty Bunny,

Although I'm sure you are enjoying your time in Las Vegas, I think it's time you come home. Blondie is a little sick about you and honestly, she thinks that you are scared and lonely. Little does she know you are probably off sneaking into Thunder from Down Under and Celine, gambling away your loose fuzz, and hitchhiking all over the city.

You should have just spoken up if you really wanted to spend another day or two in Vegas then we originally planned. It would have been better than pulling this "left behind" garbage.

I was hoping that maybe she would get over you. You know, move onto loving Sheep or Bear or something, but nope, she still whimpers for you every night. I've even thought that this might be the right time to replace you. It'd be pretty easy to find a cousin of yours and slip him to her fresh out of the dryer all clean, pretty, nice smelling, and pink. "Look! Bunny's back! And he's so clean! That was really nice of Brielle's mommy to wash him for you."

But I would feel pretty guilty about that. So, just come home, but not for me. For her.



A Tag

In the Words of Easy E and approved by myself.
I thought it was more fun this way.

7 things Hays can do:

  • find $5 shirts to buy and justify that they, "Were only five dollars!"
  • make a mean pizza
  • a Headstand
  • blog
  • always find something she needs at: Old Navy, Target, Urban Outfitters, Anthro...
  • find a new project
  • fix things
7 things she has a hard time doing:
  • waking before 7:30am
  • differential equations
  • picking up Easy's socks
  • changing the laundry
  • turning off the oven
  • not grinding spoons in the disposal
  • Typing: "blog like a mo-fo-" under "things Hays can do"
7 things that attract me to Easy (I did this one. He was stuck on body parts):
  • he's tall
  • he's funny (but I think I'm funnier)
  • the way he is with our kids (I swear GM thinks he is her boyfriend)
  • he is honest with me
  • he surprises me (Well, he did once with a really great watch)
  • that jaw
  • he does the dishes almost every night
7 things I say often:
  • "Why don't you think I'm funny?"
  • "Get out of the sink!"
  • "When are you coming home."
  • "Eat your dinner or you will go to your room."
  • "Will you please rock out with me?"
  • "Don't hit your sister!"
  • "Do you have to go peepee?"
7 admirations:
  • The girls
  • Her parents
  • My dad
  • Me
  • Kiersten
  • Nancy
  • and her brothers are in there somewhere
7 favorite foods:
  • Fajitas
  • Crepes or German pancakes or something like that
  • New fav - Blue Bell's Moolenium Crunch Ice Cream
  • Her Guacamole
  • Olive Garden's Cheese Ravioli
  • Anything from the Bombay House in Provo
  • Sushi

Now, you're it!


A Wedding

While in Nevada my baby brother Alex got himself hitched. He has been serving in Iraq for the last 14 months, came home 2 weeks before Christmas, met his new baby girl Claire, and got married 2 weeks later to Roxanne.

Everybody looked great. Especially my Grandma Nancy in her blue dress.


The boys are always finding a way to compete. If it isn't pinning each other down in a corner somewhere it is arm wrestling, racing on their 4-wheelers, running, or shooting. In this instance it is who can look the tallest in a photo. All except the groom, Alex, who is trying to avoid the classic butt-pinch.

MaeMae was particularly irresistible that Saturday evening. Can you believe how blond she is? And those baby blues. Agh, I could eat her!


Don't tell, but I did take a few nibbles at her today when she wore that same dress to church.
I'm so guilty.


He Delivered

I felt giddy to wake in my parents house again on Christmas morning. It has changed a lot over the years, but it still the same home with my mother's same cooking. It's actually a bit of a boarding house. Someone is always there either staying until they get a place of their own or they are someone that my ever-generous parents are caring for. For many years it was foster children. This year it was Mary Jane - my step-grandma with Alzheimers who spouts off during prayers. My once foster sister, but now adopted Catina and her husband were there too, my brother Darren, his wife and sweet baby, my parents, and Easy E, myself and the girls.

My parents were empty-nesters for about 6 months once and I think that they both drove each other crazy and were also bored out of their minds. Good thing the have dogs, cats, and a very happy horse named Baño.


So anyway, that was a little random. My point was that it was nice to be home again

and Santa delivered to all!

He even brought Grandma Jane a fake kitty that she thinks is real. It meows and breathes and is all around very creepy. I'm sorry I don't have video of it.




Later that day we celebrated my grandpa's 94th birthday.

There. I did my Christmas post. Hooray!

Happy New Year!
Bring it on 2009


The Mix-Up

We are back from a little 2 week hiatus.

My car is filthy.

There is no food in our home.

And it is a little strange - everything's so still and so quiet. No more slamming doors to wake my precious baby (love you Darren).

Growing up in Nevada I had a love for the desert. When I married a boy from California he (after great debate) convinced me that my state was nothing but a barren wasteland, but on this trip we rediscovered the beauty of the Great Basin together. There really is nothing quite like it.


We also rediscovered cousins and babies,




my brothers (minus one),


and that PopRocks are the very best way to cure the Car Trip Coops.


More to come...
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