Soaking It Up


There is nothing quite like the rain in Arizona, perhaps it's because the anticipation of it is so great and the whole desert rejoices as the saguaro's fatten up on the fresh water sent from the skies. Only a few inches will fill the washes and send big brown rivers flowing through the desert floor. All that was dull, brown, and lifeless for months suddenly perk up with a new found energy. This includes all us desert dwellers. We love the rain. It wakes us up.

My daughter's scream and giggle as we hood our heads and scurry into the Walmart. Blondie squeals, "Mommy, the rain tickles my face!" I laugh as I love her innocence and simple delight in it. Lucky for us, the next few days and we will have plenty of face-tickling rain.

I have been hoping that we will have snow in Nevada for Christmas. My mother told me yesterday that they were forecasting 6". I hurried to tell little Blondie. Her eyes grew big and lit up with pure joy,

"Can we go now?"

Oh, how I would love to indulge her and jump in the car in search of snow! But, I reminded her that we have to wait a few days.

I have loads of laundry to do, a few more days of mental preparation, and I really really want to enjoy this rain. It means we get to stay in our jammies most the day, watch princess movies, bake cookies, and drink chocolate milk.

I want to soak up all the days like this I can before school starts.

Here is a nice rainy day song for ya.


Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

we've had snow the past couple of days, and yes we're supposed to have more! We can't wait for you guys to come and enjoy the freezing cold with us! Yay!!

eRiCa said...

you got rain....we got snow! ugh! 6-8 inches supposed to cover the iowa soil today....i'll trade ya:)

my husband is from nevada...where are you going?

banananutmeg said...

I love when a good, heavy, thunderstorm shakes the house and reminds us of how small we really are. Go make yourself some soup for dinner.
then post the recipe. I'm sick of making the same stuff.

Rachel said...

I would love rain right now but we have bitter cold and snow. How I love rain!

The Lewis Trio said...

So far we've had a little bit of snow, and it keeps looking like its going to snow more... HERE'S HOPING!!
I would love a white christmas!

We are all very excited to see you and those adorable girls! Yay, its getting closer!

Karen and Joe said...

I love the rain too! We got a picture text from Joe's mom of all the snow they have there, and Ryan said the same thing...mom can we go there! haaha, love those little ones! Hope you get snow when you go!

sheena said...

I loooove the rain (as long as there is sun inbetweeN:) We hardly got any this summer and I missed it.

and today just snowed and snowed.....

Garrison Propaganda said...

its funny to hear your kids reactions to rain. if i could id wish some of our snow right to you. love that song, minus the whole rogaine bit--a little hokey. nonetheless it can still be found on my ipod.

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