A Dull Ache

I have been on autopilot today. After I received the news from a friend and then saw it on J + T's blog my heart broke.

17 months ago Traci was told that she was to be a mother again to a sweet little boy. She was anxious and incredibly elated. They had hours to pack and arrive in Tennessee to greet their new precious baby boy - red hair and all. I teased her about the awesome pregnancy and labor she had. After all, I pushed with Ava for 2 hours. Little did I know, that her labor was only beginning and would be harder and longer than any other woman's in a fight to keep her baby boy.

Colby is 6 weeks older than my little Mae and Jessalyn is just a month older than my Blondie. Tray and I are constantly comparing our lives to each other. Being the mother's of 2 children very close in age, we have shared ideas on activities, laughs at potty problems, and weariness in the labor of love that all mother's experience.

My cousin and one of my very first friends. I feel privileged to know and love them both. I hurt for them all over today. I am angry and tearful. I can't imagine their pain. I ache at the thought of someone taking their sweet baby away and am crushed that it is the reality that they are facing today.

In my prayers.



Candy said...

are you freaking kidding me? Let me get this right...they have had this little boy for nearly a year and a half and NOW they have to give him back to the birthfather?! Insane! How completely horrible. I do not know them, but I will pray for them and for that little boy.

The Wifey said...

I am not a crier but holy crap this brought tears to my eyes. I can't even begin to imagine the suffering she has gone through. That poor little boy being pulled from the only family he's known. Unbelievable.

The Wifey said...

Okay I have more comments.

I was trying to think of what would be more difficult; a death of your child but knowing you'll see them again in the afterlife or being forced to give your child away knowing they will never be yours again and knowing they are growing up without you?

Were they sealed together?

This whole situation makes me sick and I don't even know them! ARGH!

Lindy Lewis said...

I am seriously in tears cuz I just saw him for the first time on thanksgiving! What a freakin' sad story....

Lewieville said...

Unfortunately we have NOT been sealed. That is one of the hardest things we are facing right now. I will NEVER see my little boy again. We are still praying for a miracle. That's all we can do. Thank you Hayley and thank you for all the prayers. We love you all for thinking of our little family at this time.

sheena said...

I will be praying so so so hard.

i really have no words....this is just so upsetting.

eRiCa said...

I just clicked over and read through her blog about what has been going on....I have no words. I can not even imagine.

My heart aches for Traci and her family and I don't even know her. But as a mother myself my heart aches for her and her family.

You can bet we'll be praying for them.

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