Stripping Down and Stocking Up

We are having The Feast at our home on Thursday.

A big, yummy, smelly Gardiner Feast.
Gardiner's aren't smelly - they are actually very very hygienic.
Oh, but my kitchen will be all sorts of wonderful-smelly and I can't wait to get my cook on.

First though, I must take care of this:

Photobucketsee my new pillow covers? are they not wonderful?

It's everywhere. The "little kid grime" as Easy E calls it. Can you imagine the mixture of ingredients in it?
Slobber for sure. Then there is dirt, snot, yogurt, crackers, markers, soap, probably more snot and some lovely bacteria.

It seems like what this house really needs a good deep cleaning. It should be stripped. I'll just be lucky to get the toilets clean and the tile mopped before they show.

Tuesday I'll make rolls, cornbread for my stuffing, and some cranberry sauce (nothing canned here).
Wednesday I'll brine my turkey, and finish my (well PW's) stuffing, and also make her mashed potatoes.

Tonight, I went to the grocery store and mulled for about 20minutes over whether to get a frozen preserved turkey for a measly $7, or a fresh, totally natural, organic grain fed one for $60. I settled for the fresh one in between soaked in only 3% preservative solution.

Now, I'm wondering what he was fed on. What would you give a turkey besides grain? Maybe I don't want to know.


So that brings us here:

1. to the completely stocked fridge (such a lovely sight) and pantry

2. my watering mouth for Meg's Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake


3. anxiety on how I'll actually pull this thing off


Megan said...

Sounds like you are going to have your hands full & your oven too! Good luck!

I have been cleaning up my kid grime too... nasty stuff that is!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I think I'll have to try that cake!

Good luck on all your preparations and festivities! You'll be great! Wish we were having dinner with you!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

You'll do great! I actually enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Not sure why, since I don't enjoy cooking any other dinner. Just something about it. It feels festive from the very beginning of it all. I'm kind of bummed that I am not going to end up doing it this year. Who would have thought. You look like you are all set and will have a great time. Have fun!

Candy said...

holy mother that cake looks delicious and i JUST printed it off. GOod job for doing the whole thanksgiving dinner, I am way impressed! You'll do great!
Hey, I have to tell you that I did yoga for the first time yesterday! I looked on the byu channel and there at 10am was an hour of yoga. I have to admit that at first I felt completely cheesy, and said in my head, "how many deep breaths can a person take!?" And I had to keep looking up at the tv to see if I was doing it right. but I actually liked it AND i'm a little sore today! I am SO not as flexible as I once was and downward dog was even difficult at some points. But I have that one recorded and am going to try it again today (spent my whole morning visiting teaching).
Thanks for the help again abotu yoga, I'm going to keep it up and see if I can tell a difference in my tone, my strength, and my flexibility in a couple months.
Happy thanksgiving!

Lori said...

Good luck. That is all I can stay. If I was cooking it would be turkey deli slices, canned cranberry sauce - preferably the one shaped like the can, and stove top stuffing. Man I'm lame.

The Hyde Family said...

Good luck with your feast! I'm sure it will be delicious...good choice on the turkey. I hear you are coming for Christmas. That will be so much fun. Can't wait to see you and your cute family!

Taylor Tree said...

you'll do great!!

Jenni said...

Love the IKEA fabric. I just made a whole bunch of curtains for my sister's townhome out of that same fabric. Awesome!

Annie Jane said...

What a clean fridge! And what cute pillows!

banananutmeg said...

the pillows are cute.
gooey butter cake is awesome.
I made it for halloween this year and I think we OD'd, so we're going to skip it for thanksgiving, and will probably regret the decision when we are craving it by Christmas! Don't forget to relax and actually enjoy having a clean house, good food, company, and E home on a work day!

banananutmeg said...

and there is definitely oatmeal in the kid grime.

Garrison Propaganda said...

sounds like youre beyond organized, and if all has gone as planned sounds like youll be in good shape. good luck with tomorrow.

nicwoo said...

Sounds like you are set, and I've convinced myself that a little kid-goo makes a house a home... what else can I do?! Like the site for the recipes too, thanks :)

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