Saturday's Celeration




Enjoy your day!


Amber said...

hey i just read this whole long thing about your sheriff! go figure, and then i get to see him in a parade. can i come see you in january? for reals. i'm not sure your email.... amber.j.cramer@gmail.

banananutmeg said...

how fun! My kids are still afraid of parades...after seeing the red hat ladies, I guess I kind of am too (I am totally going to join them when I get old, though). It looks so sunny and gorgeous there!

The Hyde Family said...

Looks like a good time! Americans do funny things sometimes, don't you think...a camel for Veteran's Day?

4 cute chicks said...

That was a fully rounded parade if I do say so myself. I feel so jipped by never having camels, elvis or the statue of liberty in our parades.
Looks like fun.

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