Replacements, A Photo, and a Check in a Box

I took a little blog-break and it was kinda nice, actually, I shut the computer down on Saturday night and it wasn't turned back on until late this morning. Unbelievable, right?

I admit, I'm pretty much in utter love with my Mac. He is amazing and if he could only give a back-rub like E there could be some replacing around here, but seriously, with all the partying and candy, and friends in town and over for dinner, I was so content with my cyber-free weekend.

But, now I'm back and was tagged by Annie:


This is 18 month Blondie on Easter Sunday. She found the baby, that ball, and the doodle-pad in her makeshift Easter basket. I am in love with that crazy hair and those sweet cheeks.

Also in this photo is our famous green chair that was purchased in Rexburg, Idaho for $4 at the Deseret Industries. E is in love with this chair and if it had a sweet pair of lips it could easily replace me. We also have found mud caked in it and believe it survived the Teton Flood along with this high-chair.

Wow. It's here already
Super Tuesday

Are you voting today? I am. Will you stay up late and watch the results?
I won't, but Easy E will.


banananutmeg said...

a break is nice. Plus it's fun to log on and see a zillion posts to read.

ava looks so tiny in that picture! I can't get over how different she and mae look.

Garrison Propaganda said...

i take breaks all the time, but then i spend a while back blogging. what can i say? my blog is my journal! i just got back from voting a while ago. dont know if ill stay up late...well see. i seem to stay up late all the time anyway. whats one more night?

sheena said...

yes, i voted...and I will most likely be staying up late--but not to watch the news.....I am SO ready for all of this to be done!

nicwoo said...

(I'm ready for a break from political campaigns---)
I love take pichures of my girlie in the mornin :)

eRiCa said...

i am tempted to watch the news all night but priviledged is on tonight :) ha!

i'm ready for this political stuff to be over.

way to take a cyber break. I don't know if i could.

Annie Hyde said...

I like the photo of Ava AND the chair! Fun. And CoNgRaTS on nursing school!!!!

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