Midweek Musing

I only have one musing today, which I have been thinking about for the past hour or so.

This afternoon the girls and I were playing in our rock yard which consists of rocks, both big and small, a slide, and a few bushes. Gotta love the desert life.

I could hear the neighbor's teenage boy and his friends talking and laughing over the cinder block wall, not distinctly because of their changed voices, but I usually do try my hardest to eavesdrop. So, one of them starts hacking. I mean really hacking. Like he had inhaled some sort of insect and it was jumping around in his lungs. Poor guy.

Then, it hit me.

The smell.


Wait. A. Minute.

That is not cigarette smoke. Definitely not.
For sure something else.

For sure

We had only been out about 5 minutes. I grab Mae and tell Blondie it's time to go in. She doesn't understand that I'm totally against her getting high at any age and to any extent. She yells. She runs. I chase. Barefoot on these freaking sharp rocks. Agh! I do the whisper-yell, "Heeey! Get over Heeere! Nhow!"

It reminded me of when I worked at Fallon Florist designing for my internship. There was this older lady Theresa (like 50) that worked there. She was convinced that I was uptight -which I am totally not. I guess for her standards I was though and she snuck a joint into my apron pocket. When I grabbed for my knife I pulled it out and was like, "What the?" She just cackled and I took it to the bathroom and flushed it.
Theresa was nuts!

Anyway...back my neighbors

What would you do?

A. call the cops
B. ignore it
C. hang your head over the fence and ask to join in

p.s. if you are answering (C) then you may want to do so anonymously


Just spoke with the neighbor kid. I let him know that I wasn't going to call the cops, but would appreciate it if they took their fun elsewhere so my kids could play in their rocks. He was very respectful and apologetic. I don't expect any funny business with him. I think he got that I was serious, but a pretty nice lady. It would have done no good to talk to the boy's father since he was home when the incident occurred yesterday.

If they were being rowdy and destructive I would have called on em.

I feel better now. I was just going to ignore it until it happened again, but then you all helped me to realize that things could get worse. Which, I do not want happening. Now it's done.


The Wifey said...

Ha! Wow, well if it were me and because I have kids who love to play outside too I would call the cops. If I didn't have kids they I'd probably do nothing but when you smoke, so doesn't everybody else in a 100ft radius.

banananutmeg said...

yeah I'm a tattletale. I'd call on em. Kids can do stupid stuff when they're high...and they're just over the fence.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I am not sure... I'd probably want to just leave it and not get involved, but I have to agree with the previous comments- when my kids are being effected- then yeah- it's gotta be stopped! Besides, I'd hate to have to take my kids inside if it were to become a regular happening - it would bug me that kids doing dumb stuff was ruining our fun! but I'm kind of selfish that way.

Taylor Tree said...

i choose call the mothers or cops. here's the deal. peeps say it's not a 'gateway drug' but in all my nursing training it really is. whomever they bought the goods from are probably able to get their hands on other stuff. then they're going to pass/sell it to your neighbors etc. as harmless as pot may be it leads to other more harmful behavior that you don't want around your family.
also, if you were their mother wouldn't you want to know?

sheena said...

first of all let's talk about that picture--great find!
second--theresa is crazy.
and yes....I'm totally a cop caller. I'll call for you if you want.

Sally said...

Oh, I'd call... I once called the cops on 2 guys that were meandering down the street behind my house early one morning. It looked to me like they were peeking into backyards and stuff. Yeah...they were picking up trash. I felt bad! Still I'd do it again!

Amber said...

hum...i think there are more than those three options...i can see how it's been on your mind for a while.

me? i'm a confrontationalist...is that a word? I would hoist myself on the fence and say something to them...humourously threatening.

i guess the cop route is safest but for real, what are they going to do? get a search warrant? they confront the mom and tell her someone called on her kids...that would suck.

i'd pop my head over the fence and tell them my kids are out here and they get out of control when they are high and you are too tired today to deal with that so could they stop making the stupid choice of getting high before you have to talk to their moms about it...hows that? if they back talk then make your threat real...if they go inside then you better believe they think twice about creating any smell near the house.

that was kindof long...but it really made me think too.
love you!

eRiCa said...

I would've totally stuck my head over the fence and told them how stupid they were being...actually I would go over to the house and tell the parents so that they could catch them :)

How kind of theresa to think of you....personally I would rather appear to be uptight then lose brain cells :)

eRiCa said...

maybe i would call the cops actually....all i know is that i would NOT ignore it, especially since my kidlings are involved.

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